The New Balance 8000 Elliptical Buyer’s Guide

The line of New Balance Elliptical Trainers have been top sellers in the whole at home workout equipment industry for years. Most people know of New Balance shoes and are aware of the quality of their sports footwear. This quality has been transferred over to their fitness equipment division and their elliptical trainers are very well respected in the industry.

The New Balance 8000 elliptical trainer is their latest model and it is already a top seller. What makes this elliptical machine so popular and why do many experts rate is a best value buy? First of all, there is no such thing as the best elliptical trainer. Different machines work better for different people. Good reviews of all fitness equipment will take this into consideration and name the positives and the negatives of a given machine. How well an elliptical works for a variety of different people, (size, weight, conditioning level, etc.), are what get the machine a good rating.

The majority of elliptical trainer reviews note that most users of varying types really like the foot pedals on the New Balance 8000. They are fully adjustable and can go from 18 inches to 20 inches in stride length. Most users are impressed with the stability of the machine and how well it handles heavier users. The manufacturers claim a weight limit of 300 pounds but several reviews mention users of up to 340 pounds using it safely and successfully.

The features were well received. The preset workout programs are rated anywhere from adequate to great, the console is easy to read and accurate, and the cup holder is a nice touch. The smoothness of operation is rated highly and according to consumer reviews, can compare to the more expensive commercial models.

Several people are dissatisfied with the noise caused by the machine. It is fairly loud and can make watching tv difficult while working out. Also, several negative reports about the size. It can be difficult to move and find enough room to store it in. Ratings of durability are hard to find because the machine is so new.

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