Learn How to Shapeshift Your Way to New Levels in World of Warcraft

Druids are one of many classes of WoW characters available. They are extremely versatile hybrids who must specialize their positions as part of a party. They can transform from one shape to another, but can only be one shape at a time. They are known as the “preservers of the balance,” the keepers of Azeroth. They are ancient beings associated with nature and magic, and are wickedly exciting to play. In my opinion, they are the most rewarding of characters. For one thing, druids can fly. All they need to do is find a druid trainer who has this skill. Druids move very quickly and accomplish tasks faster than other characters. This allows them to excel at unlocking high-level regions and finding valuable ore and minerals. They’re also excellent at just about every profession.

Druids are great at damage dealing and spell casting. There are three talent trees from which druids come. There are Balance, Feral, and Restoration Druids. Balance druids work great in raids. They operate similar to mages using DPS to attack the enemy. Feral druids bring out the best qualities in both of the druids melee forms. Restoration druids are associated with healing. To decide which talent tree to take you must know your role in a raid. Are you a tank, damage dealer, or healer?

As a druid, make sure you have got all the proper gear and have learned the most important of trades. All of this can be decided by experience, from friends, from allies in a raid, and from guides. Druids are considered among the most difficult to level because of their flexibility. Don’t let this stop you from playing as a druid.

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Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening – Learn Why You’re Feeling So Off-Balance

The extraordinary energetic ‘awakening’ phenomenon is continuing to gather pace and power and is affecting more and more people. This is simply a pointer to some of the experiences it can trigger. We can relate to most, if not all of these symptoms; in fact we have been having many of them for years so it’s good to know there’s a plausible explanation! We urge you not to over think this; too much analysis goes directly against the grain of awakening.

There are people out there who just love to visit medical websites and forums and compare their symptoms with serious life threatening diseases and freak themselves out. Please review this list in the spirit in which we share it; as a frame of reference. If, however, you do have any genuine concerns about your physical health, please visit a medical practitioner.

The following was inspired by Geoffrey Hoppe of Crimson Circle, channeling Tobias.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This will pass in time.

2. Feelings of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This will pass in time.

3. Crying for no apparent reason. This is related to #2 above. It’s good and healthy to let the tears flow as it helps to release the old energy within. This will come in waves and will also pass in time as the old energy gets released.

4. A sudden change in your job/career. This is a very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change as well. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” job or career right now. You’re in transition and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion.

5. Not feeling excited or passionate about anything. Related to the above symptom, is the feeling that nothing excites you anymore. This is because you no longer resonate with the old passions, but you’ve not yet established the new ones. At times, you can feel really bored. Hang tight, and this will change with time. We are upgrading our DNA and our internal software and this means that we no longer resonate with our old reference points.

5. Drifting away from family & friends. You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. It will appear as though you are drifting away from your family and friends. Over time, you may even develop new relationships with them if it feels right.

6. Unusual sleep patterns & sleep disturbances. It’s likely that you’ll awaken many nights between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a “breather.” Don’t worry. If you can’t fall back to sleep, just get up and do something rather than remaining in bed getting stressed over your lack of sleep!

7. Intense & sometimes lucid dreams. Some of your dreams could be quite intense and could be chase, war or monster-type dreams. Again, you are releasing the old energy that’s been stored up, and these energies are often symbolized as battles, being chased or fighting with scary creatures. This will pass in time.

8. Feeling physically disorientated. Many people are experiencing periods of dizziness or feeling very ungrounded. You are starting to walk between 2 worlds, so it makes sense that at times you’ll feel spatially challenged. Sometimes your consciousness transitions into the new energy, but your body lags behind. Spending time in nature (ideally barefoot) will help to ground the new energy within.

9. Talking to yourself more. There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and this is just the beginning of this new kind of self-talk. As the conversations increase, they will become more fluid, coherent and most interestingly, more insightful. You’re not going crazy, you’re just waking up!

10. Feeling lonely, even when others are around. This is related to point #5 above. During this period, many of us are finding it a challenge to be around others, who are also releasing energies from the past. Some say that this feeling of loneliness is because our Guides, who have been with us our whole lives, have departed, so that we can fill our space with our own divinity. Soon enough, this void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own higher consciousness.

12. Wanting to leave the planet. Many of us are experiencing a deep and intense desire to ‘go home’. This is quite different from a suicidal feeling and it is not based in anger, depression or rage. As you don’t want to create drama, you likely aren’t telling anybody about this or if you do, they won’t likely understand. You have completed your karmic cycle and you feel restless and alone. Soon, you will start to connect with other like-minded beings and new interests and passions will ignite. You’ve come this far, so don’t check out now, before the next stage of the journey takes place in the new energy. We are living in the most exciting time ever; the time of huge transformation.

You are never alone and there are many others that feel the same as you do. Connect with other like-minded people and take time to get to know your higher self. Feel into what makes your heart sing.

Check out the next part in this Series on Spiritual Awakening entitled, “How do I Support my Spiritual Awakening?”

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Better Work/Life Balance for Women

How can women strive for a better work/life balance without getting worked up? Is it possible? Read on for insights.

Single women have the upper hand in their careers when they do join them. They can work extra hours and give as little time as possible to their original families.

But once they fall in love and get married, life entirely takes a new turn. Her hubby will want her attention and would not like her to work so hard and be away from home for so long.

So what can be done? She can work two days a week overtime and let her husband know about it and that she will be available for her hubby as long as he desires on other week days once her regular work schedule is over. This way she can come to a compromise and keep her hubby and in-laws happy. She can even swap her overtime work with a colleague on other days if it is not possible for her to do so on the scheduled days. This way she can strive for a smooth work/life balance.

She must not only satisfy her hubby and in-laws but look after herself as well and have some free time for herself only. She can let others know about it so that nobody bothers her during those precious hours.

Soon her family burgeons as she starts giving birth to her children. She will get maternity leave from work but the question is not only that but also how she should maintain a healthy work/life balance even after rejoining work.

She can hire a nanny, or if she is bolder, she can admit her baby to a child care center. Options are always there but it is really up to the woman what she chooses.

She will birth more children in future. One will be school going while the other one will need a nanny or day care center. How she manages these shows how successful she is in maintaining a good work/life balance.

For instance, she can work it out with her hubby and ask him to drop in and pick up their older child from school while she takes responsibility for their little child.

How does she give time for cooking and household chores? These things also matter for a healthy work/life balance.

First of all, she can take the one hour lunch break at noon to buy groceries and other household stuff. Or she can take short leaves from her work to carry out these duties. She can compromise with her hubby about these things and share the chores. A good and understanding hubby should be willing to cooperate.

In a similar way, they can swap cooking responsibilities on weekdays and do all the household chores, sharing them in the weekend. Meanwhile the older child can be trained to take care of the younger one in the weekend while the woman and her man get busy with the chores.

It will be a very busy and hard time to manage and make it for the burgeoning family but it is up to the woman who masterminds everything. The more organized she is, the more things will fall together for the family. In fact, she is the pillar of the family and it is her guidance and control that are the most important.

By and by, her children will grow and they will be required to go to different schools. They will need help with homework as well. Either the woman or her hubby can shoulder the responsibility or they can hire a good home tutor.

Soon her children will become adults while she and her hubby will have to retire from work. There will be many transitions like these in the woman’s life all the time and how she can take it all as smoothly as possible proves whether she is able to cater for a good work/life balance.

Her children will leave home, work and get married. Her hubby is the one she has to rely on like the good old days. She should be able to revive the old romance in her life and make herself as interesting as possible so that her hubby enjoys her company and get bonded even more closely.

Life is really about balance and how the woman caters for it with dexterity depends on whether she is able to strive for that balance. Of course, she will not know everything initially and she will make mistakes and learn from them eventually. Her family together with her efforts and contribution can really amount to that beautiful life balance.

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5 Tips to Getting a Picky Eater to Eat

I believe every one of us has faced a picky eater now and then. If you are a mom you’d know how frustrating it is to make your picky kid eat. I’ve witnessed my nephews. Whenever I see them, their mom is struggling to make them eat and still she is often unsuccessful.

I ended up looking up tips to help the poor lady with getting her kids to eat. I found some tips that actually worked for her kids.

I’d like to share them here today and see if you can get your picky eater to eat better.

Start very small: When trying something new for your kid, don’t offer a large portion. Start with a small piece like a tiny crumble of cheese, a single pea or a tiny bite of noodle and encourage them to try it by telling them they can finish eating it in a second and then have their favorite food. If your kid eats the new food, increase the portion next time and follow with what they already like to eat.

Be Patient and Stick with it: This may sound easier said than done to many parents, but you’ve probably heard it that a kid has to try something 10 to 15 times before he or she likes it. But the good thing to know is that it gets easier once a kid tastes new food the first time. Some accept the food after six or seven tries. Don’t rush; give the kid some time so he doesn’t feel pushed, that will reverse the process.

To avoid ruining your meal time for the whole family, it’s better to offer new foods during snack time.

Balance Snacks and Drinks: If your toddler drinks liquids, like juices, water and milk all day, he or she will be full by meal time and most likely won’t eat anything. The best way is to balance the feeding time for kids by offering 3 meals and one to three snacks at somewhat consistent times.

A lot of children who eat more snack foods and drink fluids all day refuse to accept new foods.

Peer Pressure: This is a strategy I heard of often and works for most moms. Invite your child’s friends or favorite cousin, neighbor for lunch and offer them foods you’d like your child to try. When they see their friends eating it, most likely they’d like to try it as well. Kid’s like to do things their friends do. So it works pretty well. That is the reason kids try new foods more at school when they see other classmates eating it, it makes them interested at least to try something they see others doing.

Focus on Flavor and Texture: If kids don’t like something they see, they will be hesitant to try it. You should focus on the texture of the food. Some kids don’t like to try big pieces or crunchy food. Try different ways with the same food and see if they will it. For example make puree, or smoothie to see if they’d like the flavor of the same food they were avoiding. It’s OK to puree food for a 5 year old picky eater. Same with the other type, if your kid likes crunchy food, or flavorful, offer them likewise.

Is He Really Picky? It is a possibility your picky eater isn’t as picky as you think. It is known that extreme picky eaters accept only less than 20 foods. They are often sensitive to color, temperature and texture. To find out how many foods your child eats, write them all down and see if it goes over 20. If it is fewer than 20, then you should see a local dietitian.

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The Truth About 0% APR Credit Cards

The competition between credit card companies is getting fierce. Many credit card companies are offering special incentives to get you to sign up for their card. 0% APR is one deal that many credit card companies are using. These 0% APR credit cards often spell trouble for the consumer, though. There are special rules and limitations that apply which are usually hidden among legal wording in the small print.

While it is illegal for a credit card company not to disclose all fees and charges for their credit card, it is not illegal for them to put it in small print. Credit card companies are aware that many consumers do not even bother reading these paragraphs so they stick the truth about 0% APR deals in there. They make sure they announce in large, bold print that the card has 0% APR. This is very appealing because it is the APR or interest rates that often cause consumers to have credit card problems, so no interest seems like a great deal. Hidden in that small print, though, you will often find out that this is for a limited time or only applies to new purchases, not balance transfers. Once the limited time is up the APR usually sky rockets to a huge rate. Even worse, some consumers transfer balances thinking they will get a nice break from interest and be able to pay the balance down quick, only to find out the offer does not apply to the amount they transfer. Reading all the information provided with an offer is extremely important to avoid such problems.

There are other tricks to the 0% APR offer, too. Some cards offer 0% APR on balance transfers, but once that is paid off the APR goes up. The trick here is that any money you pay is applied to the transfer first so it is paid down quicker. Any other purchases you make are charged a high APR. Some credit card companies make up for the 0% APR by charging high annual fees or other high rate charges or they add a transfer fee charge. Many 0% APR deals are voided if you are late on a

payment. Some companies have lowered the grace period which makes it easier to be late on a payment. Another quick trick is sending you a different card then the one you applied for and not offering the 0% APR on that card at all. Often in the small print on your application it will state the company can do this if you do not qualify for the card being offered. These are some ways the credit card companies can get out of the 0% APR offer.

The truth about 0% APR credit card offer is not as great as it may seem. Avoiding this trap is easy if you know where to look for the catches and exceptions. It is all up to you to weed out the good offers from the bad ones. Read everything before signing up for a credit card and should be able to avoid any problems.

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Is the Digital Generation Going to Be Smarter or Dumber?

What do you think about the title question? We need to strive for a balance for our new generation. Read on to find out what I mean.

Kids of the new generation are learning to play video games or use the computer at an early age while we didn’t get to use them until our twenties or even thirties. Naturally they are more handy and smarter than us.

Playing games, browsing or using social media in iPADs, TABs, laptops or computer are a piece of cake for the kids of our generation. Yet if they sit in front of them all the time, with their eyes glued to them all day, they damage their eyesight and become unhealthy.

So we need to talk to the kids about coming to a compromise. Play games and use the digital devices for only an hour or two per day. You need to do your homework and study and play on the mud and dirt as well. You need to strive for a balance. A little of everything per day educates you better and makes you smarter rather than sitting idly with the digital devices all day, which makes you dumber.

We need to remove our kids’ addiction to the digital devices. And make them understand by talking heart to heart. And explain the damage they are doing to themselves. We need to take the responsibility of how to engage them in all kinds of activities. Only then our kids are going to learn and be smarter.

As I said we need to strive for a balance. When our kids break this balance, they hurt themselves and become dumber.

Well, as I said already, parents can show the digital generation kids how to strive for that balance. And only then they can be smarter.

Not every kid needs to be a nerd or handicapped. There will be some out there. But most children can learn how to spend time once they are taught how to in effective ways.

Kids need to spend time with family, get involved in conversations with adults and friends, attend birthday parties and play in a park in addition to handling digital devices. If the parents shoulder this responsibility, surely the kids are going to be great smart kids.

Just strive for that balance, dear parent. And you will see them grow smart, age gracefully and still be even smarter as they have grown up. So mind you, you didn’t bring your kids to life for nothing. You need to educate them in proper ways and only then our new digital generation is bound to flourish smart and healthy.

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Pet Food Market – Trends, Industry Competitiveness and Future Outlook


The pet food market was valued at USD 74.9 billion in 2016. North America accounted for the largest share of over 35% of the global market in 2016. The second largest market is Europe, followed by Asia-Pacific with around 20% of the market share, thus, accelerating the trend of pet owners across the globe. In North America, the United States holds the major market share of pets and pet owners, which is expected to register a high CAGR, during 2017-2022 (the forecast period).


Flavors and textures are becoming bolder, more complex, authentic, and specific. The correlation of pet food and the modern formats blending freeze-dried bits, with kibble or treats, for texture variations, is making pet owners choose from a range of variety of shapes, textures, and flavors. Moreover, clean labeling continues to grow. Health conscious consumers look for permissible indulgences, like the smaller portion sizes of treats or candies with healthier ingredients like chia seeds or yogurt. Pet treats are developing, in terms of ingredients with functional or other nutritional benefits, which is allowing pet owners to indulge their pets free from guilt. New dog food products comprised of 80% of the global launches in 2015. The launches from September 2015 to September 2016, are keeping the health-related trend intact in new products by category. The share for cat food was around 68% globally. This trend of health and wellness has made good sales for the manufacturers. A few instances in this context are Hill’s Ideal Balance, a new range of dog and cat food that combines natural ingredients with Hill’s perfectly balanced nutrition, is now available in South Africa. CORE® RawRev, a new high-protein grain-free product, is launched by Wellness CORE®, a family of grain-free, natural animal nutrition company.


The high internet connectivity available in the major countries is boosting the use on e-commerce sites as an effective distribution channel. The notions of convenience, affluence or exclusivity, safety, and market awareness play a very crucial role in the developing nations. The unreliability of local goods, as indicated by the recent scandals, is also making people rely on foreign goods. These are made easily available through the e-commerce, further making the sales high. Owing to the industry’s two pet superstores, PetSmart and Petco, the e-commerce channel is exploding with the pet product sales. The late embrace of the market connectivity in the minor markets of small economies, such as Vietnam, Thailand etc., is a cause of infrastructure lag and almost negligible product awareness. These stores offer the nascent market advantages of low regulations and competition. The companies, as the e-commerce is strengthening, are negotiating the ever-changing internet landscape with the factors such as dealing with giants like Amazon that is deciding to sell through similar e-commerce websites and mergers & acquisitions. For instance, in April 2017, PetSmart announced that it will acquire Chewy.com, which heightened the consternation in the independent pet retailers. In response, Tuffy’s Pet Food, a manufacturer to independent and family-owned businesses, announced pulling out its products from Chewy, as it would be owned by the largest US pet store chain. Though Tuffy’s reports a very positive response, not every company detaches itself easily from any large e-commerce sites.


Though the consumers today are part-time vegetarians, they seem to do the opposite when it comes to pet food. The pet owners look for diet options, which focus on the carnivorous nature of dogs and cats, thus, driving the number of products with high and fresh meat claims. Despite the demand for carnivorous diets, veggies are still going mainstream and the producers are innovating their existing products. Free from” for all-the free from trend has been growing, since the past few years and has now hit the mainstream. Pet foods are being formulated with respect to the concerns of humans that include organic and non-GMO ingredients. These ingredients are used in low-carb recipes and have gluten-free claims on new cereal products that increased from one in 15 in 2011 to one in five in 2016. New product launches, with organic or GMO-free ingredients, are witnessing growth in the market. Organic and natural food sales are expected to increase 14.6%, annually, in next two years. For Petco and PetSmart, organic pet foods are bought at a 7.1% and 5.6% rate, respectively, with organic purchases at veterinary clinics at 5.3%. Brands communicate more about the production processes, due to the rising consumer interest in natural plus authenticity and transparency. This is true for the buyers, too, especially, for the ones seeking products in non-traditional formats such as raw, freeze-dried, frozen and baked. Balchem Corp., a global health, and nutrition company, introduced a new line of specialty nutrients and unique processing additives. The Omega Plus range was launched in the South Island in September 2016, after the two years of continuous R&D. In addition, Bob Martin launched Simply+, a range of products marketed as “nutritionally advanced food that provides dogs with all the essentials of a healthy diet”.


The domestic market is growing at an annual rate of above 30% in China and is poised to accelerate at the same rate by 2022, reaching CNY 150 billion and further, making it the third-largest market, worldwide. Moreover, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province inaugurated the first cross-border pet industry experimental zone in the city’s Jianggan District. The experimental zone will pilot the reforms on the regulation and approval of cross-border imports. It will explore the introduction of national standards in the industry and promote the exportation of domestically made products. Moreover, more than 35 enterprises, including the cross-border e-commerce sites like Tmall, Kaola Beibei, and related logistics & warehousing companies, have been established in the experimental zone. The zone, basically, enables one-stop services and aims to enroll open, transparent, and smart pet food import channels and regulatory policies. Similar efforts are being taken by the countries to focus on the growing pet population and trends. The market players are taking complete advantage of this situation and investing in R&D for innovative product launches.


1. Nestlé Purina launched a new production hall at its facility in Bük, in Hungary’s northwest, making the plant the largest production center in Europe and opened the USD 86 million factories in Brazil. This step is expected to boost the Nestlé Purina for more growth than the domestic market.

2. Carna4: Formulas Inspired by Health Food Trends. This manufacturer takes inspiration from the human health food sector to formulate innovative and whole-food recipes for dogs and cats.

3. PetLife Supersedes Expectations for the Acquisition of Dr. Geoff’s Real Food for Pets. PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a developer of a new generation of high potency veterinary cancer medications and nutraceuticals for pets, announced that it is acquiring Dr. Geoff’s Real Food for Pets™ and expansion plans for a national rollout.

4. German Company Entering Thailand. Interquell, a German-based dog, and cat food company, entered the Thai industry by forming a joint venture, named Happy Pet (Thailand) Co Ltd, with partner Technic Pet Holding, reported Pets International. Interquell holds 49% of the joint venture. Interquell owns the Happy Dog and Happy Cat premium brands.


How will face-to-face interaction boost the pet food market in Digital Age?

Is low thiamine cat food the cause for Australian cat deaths?

Gluten free foods, GMO foods making their mark in the pet food industry.

Edible insects creeping into pet food popularity.

Humanization and premiumisation on peaks in the pet industry.

Will the US and China continue their dominance in the pet food market? What are the emerging markets?

Will growing market connectivity in Asian countries of Vietnam, Thailand etc. boost the Asia-Pacific pet food market?

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How to Buy a Balance Ball Chair

The balance ball chair is one of the newest fitness tools to hit the market. They are especially popular for people that sit at a desk several hours per day. If you want to learn more and especially how to buy a balance ball chair and what to look for, read on.

The balance ball chair is a relatively new fitness concept that incorporates exercise balls and chairs.

For years fitness professionals have talked about the benefits of the exercise ball. But now many of these same benefits can be achieved while doing something many of us spend lots of time each day doing-sitting.

In offices all across the country, use of this type of a chair is becoming more and popular.

The type of a fitness chair is designed to actually give a person a workout while they are sitting. Here is how it works.

While sitting on this chair like this, the body has to make lots of little adjustments to stay in balance. These adjustments are barely noticeable. But they have many benefits.

While sitting on a fitness ball chair it helps with spine alignment. As your body is trying to keeps its balance the spine has the tendency to naturally align itself. This helps to improve spinal health and decreases back pain.

It is said that increased circulation, improved core strength and increased energy are additional benefits that come from sitting on this type of an office chair. As your body makes these tiny adjustments you are also burning calories, while you are sitting! That means losing weight and becoming more fit.

When purchasing a chair of this nature be sure to consider the height of your desk. Many chairs have adjustments, but the ball part of the chair can also come in different sizes when inflated.

You should also purchase a specially designed pump that will help to keep the chair properly inflated.

There are different features you will want to consider. They range from adjustable back rests, to rolling casters and even different colors. Some have different style back rests that should be considered.

One of the best ways to purchase a chair like this is to go online and read reviews from other buyers. Keep in mind as you are searching these chairs also are referred to as stability ball chairs or fitness ball chairs.

Finally, keep in mind the weight of the person that will be sitting on the chair. Make sure the particular ball will handle the weight of the user.

Keep these tips in mind when you go out shopping for a balance ball chair.

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The Universal Laws Of Nature – Turns Chaos To Order – Anytime

There are five unique but interconnected laws that describe and define the creation, maintenance and transformation of all of life. To know, really know, these laws requires that you step beyond the conventions of your culture and reach out to a bigger perspective. There is no chaos, there is only a circumstance we cannot understand. These universal laws take you a long way to the understanding you may be looking for.

The fifth law. The law of the one and the many.

There is one universe and many religions that describe it. There is one spirit within you and many ego personas that express it. There is one leader in any organization and many people who are employed to manifest it. There is one love in the human heart and many emotions that come to express it. There is one humanity on earth and many diverse cultures that fragment their uniqueness to celebrate it.

There is one sun in our sky, and many planets that are obedient to it. There is one government in our country and many laws to govern with. There is one ocean on our planet and many rivers to feed it. There is one earth and many mountains to divide it. There is one creation and many people to evolve it. We live beneath an umbrella. We can rise to the top of one heap, but only find we are now at the bottom of the next. We are always humble to the law of the one and the many.

You have many personas. Many ego identities. Some you hide, some you display. Characters you play. If you add the characters you hide, to the characters you display, to the characters you live in virtual reality to the characters you express in reality, you will find you are the one. We are the sum of the parts, and the sum of the parts is one. We are not different to anyone. We are all the same. Expressed uniquely in the way we demonstrate our fragments, but completely identical if we add those parts to become one.

The ego thinks it is the one, but it is a mere fragment. An emotion. The ego thinks it is separate to others and therefore unique. The ego thinks it can change but it cannot. The ego is a fragment, the spirit is the whole. Spirituality is to know that you are whole, one total being with many fragmented parts. Each of them incomplete, each of them worthy of love.

The forth law. The law of appreciation

What you appreciate gets bigger, what you don’t appreciate gets smaller. Appreciation builds, evolves and creates harmony. Lack of appreciation motivates self consciousness, self depreciation and self destruction. There is nothing to change, only something to appreciate. You cannot change, you can only appreciate yourself as you are. Appreciation is an attractive force, depreciation is a repulsive force.

From the vantage of the one, we see ourselves as many parts. Pain and self consciousness causes us to lose the perspective of the one, and fall into the many parts. Then, we cannot appreciate who we are, we try to change it. Anything we try to change has power over us, anything we appreciate we have power over. If you appreciate your lovers faults, they are not faults but beautiful assets. If you criticize and try to change someone, you are below them, they have power over you.

You have no fault. You are not broken. Neither is the world or your lover. There are something’s you might not appreciate. The problem is not with the thing, the problem is with your inability to appreciate that thing. Once you appreciate things, then they have no power over you. You are free. This is talent of a great lover. And the talent of the greatest Gods. They appreciate you.

The third law. The law of Abundance

There is nothing missing. It just changes in form. You have every character trait, some you express at work, some at home, some in virtual reality, and some in reality. You are everything you see and everything you dream. There is nothing missing in you or your beloved. Your judgements are false, they are your ego.

To separate yourself from others means you can criticize and blame them. But there is no them, there is no you. You are everyone you see, nobody outside of you is doing more to you than you do to yourself. You are not unique. You are, like everyone else. You have every trait, every characteristic. Delusion tells you that you can change or be different. Maybe you think you can be better than others, but in this one thought alone you prove that false. You are everything, and connected to everything.

There are five elements, Ether, air, fire, water and earth. All the universe is made of these five elements. So are you. There are varying degrees of each and this causes individual differences. But they are one soup. They are just energy in different states, different forms, you have them all, in varying degrees. You are, like the universe, complete. Matter evolving from earth to ether. Nothing is ever missing, it just changes in form. We are all shy. Some at work, some at home, some in regard to money and some in regard to change. We are all shy, nothing is missing.

The second law. The law of growth.

Chaos causes change. Chaos stimulates challenge and confronts the status quo. Chaos breaks deadlocks and promotes change. Order on the other hand rests us, gives us time to absorb and digest, to take it all in, to master our space, to become good at what we do.

Too much order and we stagnate. Too much chaos and we burn out. Growth occurs at the border between the two. The purpose of love is growth. Love is both chaos and order. Growth means to convert chaos to order. Chaos is what we don’t appreciate. Growth therefore means to convert those things we don’t like into those things we do like. That is how we get more love. We take what we don’t appreciate (called chaos) and turn them into things we do appreciate (called order)

In a relationship there is a perfect balance of support and challenge. Challenge is chaos (things we don’t appreciate) and support is order (things we do appreciate). When we first meet our lover, there are more things that we appreciate than we don’t appreciate. This is called infatuation. After some time there can be more things that we don’t appreciate (challenges) than we appreciate (support). Then we resent our partner and want to leave. But the truth is that there is always a perfect balance of support and challenge in life. We were just blinded in the beginning.

The first law. The law of balance

There are two sides to every coin. This is how we convert issues we don’t appreciate to issues we do. How we turn chaos to order. We see the other side of the coin. There is always a silver lining in every cloud. So, there are always two ways to see things. One way is to see the dark, the other way is to see the light. The wise person sees both but then focuses their mind on the light. The emotionally disturbed person tries to eliminate the dark, thinking it will go away.

For every thing we move from dark to light, a new balance is created. So the more light we see, the more happiness we have, the more fun, the more peace, then, the more dark, the more sadness, the more un-fun, the more drama we have. Duality is the cause of emotion, and there cannot be an upper without a downer.

To break the mould means to see two sides. For example in our western culture you might say laziness is bad. But in the Spiritual Culture, laziness might be exactly the same as mindfulness. Or contentment. In the west we see inspired and enthusiastic as good, in the Eastern language we might call those same behaviours running away, unable to be in the moment, lacking stillness. There are two sides to everything. Relabel those things you don’t appreciate. Find the blessing in them. They can’t be eradicated, only appreciated.

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Do You Have Green Feet?

The environment has been an extremely hot topic over the past few years (just look at how central of an issue it was during the 2008 presidential campaign), and industries across the board are responding – including the footwear industry.

According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association, in 2006 alone, U.S. consumers purchased 2.4 billion pairs of shoes. Granted, this was the year the U.S. population passed the 300 million mark, but we’re still looking at an estimated average of eight pairs of shoes purchased by each U.S. resident that year. And the fact is, for the bulk of history, shoes have been manufactured at a high environmental cost – resulting not only from actual production, but also from transportation. So what’s being done about it, and what can you, as an individual, do to contribute to the success of the eco-friendly footwear movement? There are a few options available – both before and after shoe purchase.

Before you Buy. The shoe industry has several players, large and small, that have responded to the call of the green movement. In fact, several have been in the game for longer than many of us realize. Take, for example, Nike, who in 1993 established an internal team, the Nike Environmental Action Team (N.E.A.T.) (now part of the company’s Corporate Responsibility Division) dedicated to the direction and coordination of Nike’s global environmental programs. The company has also joined with Levi Strauss & Co., Starbucks, Sun Microsystems and The Timberland Company to form Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), an organization calling for strong U.S. climate and energy legislation in early 2009. But Nike isn’t the only one making a concerted effort to go green. Brooks has a section of its Web site dedicated to the green movement, The Green Room. And just last year, Brooks introduced BioMoGo, the world’s first fully biodegradable midsole foam for footwear. According to The Green Room, once a pair of Brooks shoes with BioMoGo has reached an enclosed landfill, it will begin to biodegrade. In roughly 20 years, the midsoles will be completely converted by common soil microbes into useful humus and nutrients. That’s about 50 times faster than a standard midsole degradation. (Traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(TM) [EVA] midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill.).

New Balance maintains U.S. production factories, helping to eliminate the carbon footprint other manufacturers cause in transporting their footwear the thousands of miles to get to the United States.

Timberland takes a creative approach in providing a “nutrition label” on each of its shoe boxes, which lets consumers know “exactly what went into making the shoes” – from chemicals to recycled content.

But it isn’t just the shoes getting the attention of the manufacturers; it’s also the packaging. Several manufacturers are also investing in biodegradable shoe boxes and filling. There are several other companies leading the way in providing greener footwear options as well – Birkenstock, ecco, END, Flat Tire, KEEN, Mephisto, Patagonia and Teva, to name a few.

So before you buy those shoes you’ve been wanting, check out the manufacturer’s environmental practices, and determine for yourself whether they fit with your personal goals.

Your Shoes Have Lived a Good Life. Now What? The average advised life expectancy of a pair of shoes is six months – doesn’t seem very long before sending your shoes off to the landfill, right? But there are options!

There are several programs worldwide dedicated to the donation of shoes that may have a little life left in them after all, including RecycledRunners.com and Soles4Souls, and a host of other worldwide programs that can be found at Run the Planet. And for those shoes that aren’t at all fit to be worn, check out true recycling options such as Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Doing Your Part One Shoe at a Time. Despite the progress being made toward more eco-friendly footwear, the sector still represents less than four percent of the overall footwear market, according to Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for The NPD Group. Therefore, when it comes time to purchase a new pair of shoes, and you want to go green, do your research; talk with your podiatrist about eco-friendly brands he or she recommends. And remember to keep your feet’s best interest at heart. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and support for the good of the environment; you can have both.

Copyright (c) 2009 Dr. Jennifer Feeny

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