New Balance 1225 – Why Be a Fan of This Model?

If you have trained in New Balance 1225 for the past year and ran The New York City Marathon in them, the first thing you could notice when you put these guys on is the comfort in the heel. I’ve always liked New Balance shoes and these are no different and I have already been recommending the 1225 to my friends and neighbors as to these are without a doubt the best running/athletic shoes I’ve owned.

NB 1225 is the fifth generation of the 1220’s line (1220, 1211, 1222, 1223, 1224 and this model) and I guess the support in the arch of this series is what brings you back whether you wear them for running or cross train. I had a pair of 1224 which I really liked, but these are far, far better. They are light, have great support and perfect cushioning. Highly recommend these shoes, particularly if you are a mild overpronator and a heavier runner with wide feet.This shoe is not cheap, but in this case you really do get what you pay for.

What PL-1 Shoe Last fells like? The shoe last is a foot model upon which the shoe is constructed, and the last will determine the fit characteristics of a style. As New Balance PL-1 shoe last was carefully designed to provide a preferred streamlined profile, it could fit you perfectly if you have long narrow feet (e.g. size 15B, narrow heel, low volume foot). However, if you used to wear a standard last, for example SL-2 which is roomer than PL-1, you may feel like the mesh upper of New Balance 1225 hugs your foot more than conforms.

It squeaks? How to figure it out? They feel great, but if they make the shoes squeak on occasion when you walk. You can fix it by just sprinkle some baby powder down into the shoe, or alternately, insert a folded paper towel between the insole and the rest of the shoe. Easy, isn’t it?

Is any problem with orthopedics? No. In fact, if you wear custom orthopedics, you will find to put them inside the shoe without any problems as they accommodate orthotics very well. For those over-pronators who need orthopedics, that’s a great point to buy a pair of them. Moreover, these shoes do help correct your over-pronation themselves.

How about the size and width? It felt wider than marked and a full size larger than marked. A size 13-14 in most other New Balance shoes should be a 12 1/2.

How about the cushioning? For those who have knee/hip problems that require quite a bit of heel-strike protection, the shock absorbing of 1225 is effective without being bouncy, thus you are likely to be surprised that these have done a good job of relieving injury to those areas – no more knee or back pain.

How about the stability? Good stability, if you wear these during gym workouts too, and rely on them to provide a secure platform for all sorts of crazy exercises and equipment. Have tried other stability shoes (Nike, Asics, Brooks) but none provide the degree of comfort and stability of the 1225.

Do the laces come untied by themselves? These are nice shoes, light and good laces that never come untied by themselves. The laces are a little high on the foot, which provides a more solid fit, but you must loosen them a bit more when you remove the shoe than is typical with running shoes. However, they could have a longer tongue and a tougher heel.

Shopping tips:

  • Model number: MR1225 (Men’s); WR1225 (Women’s).
  • Last: PL-1 Last.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Weight: 12.00 oz (Men’s); 10.00 oz (Women’s).
  • Size: A half size smaller.
  • Width: Felt wider than marked.
  • Lacing: Never come untied themselves.
  • For orthotics: To put them inside the shoe without any problems.
  • Noisy: It do squeak on occasion, but can be resolved.
  • Breathability: The breathability is great and won’t cause too much of an issue when in hot conditions.
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