New Balance 1123 – Why Your Surgeon Recommends This Shoe

“What ugly and boxy it is!” I think it must be your first reaction to this New Balance 1123 when you see them out there. But, if you had a pair of NB 1122 (this model’s predecessor), you would not think so. New Balance 1123, MR1123 for men and WR1123 for women, is the latest model of the 1100s line which was built for runners who need maximum motion control and stability on a high mileage ride. One point to select this athletic shoe for is its good style and the other one is its available size in a wide width. The fit of this model is decent good and they are really comfortable.

A great walking and shopping shoe

Besides being a running shoe, I would like to recommend this great shoe as your walking and shopping shoe. This is the shoe you can wear comfortably no matter how bad things are. In additions, adding a little extra padding under the balls of your feet can help your feet more. However, I would recommend this shoe to anyone. If you had never had New Balance before, now you would be about to understand why they are so popular. Oh yes, the 1123 is a bit pricey, but, trust me, worth it!

Foot saver for your bunion

If someday your surgeon told you that the xrays showed that you had arthritis throughout you feet and that you would need bunion and toe surgery on both feet, you would have to throw away all of your shoes. Don’t worry about it, for one who has had bunion surgery and requires good support, the 1123 is an excellent shoe for your feet and results in that you order one after another when they wear out.

High ratings by diabetic websites

As a motion control running shoe, this shoe has even been rated as a high value compared to other shoes by diabetic websites on account of its generous toe box for accommodating orthopedic inserts perfectly, which is a MUST for diabetic sufferers who require a large size and comfortable shoe.

Shopping tips:

  • They are made in the USA.
  • If you tended to overpronate, this shoe would work for you.
  • They do provide arch support and a true fit!
  • Adding New Balance athletic soles or inserts, you can feel the best fit.
  • Plenty of toe room for inserting orthodics
  • A two week break-in period

By the way, the 1123 running shoe would be a very poor shoe for aerobics. Because of these are designed for the back to front running motion, they does not provide much support for side to side motion.

I only wish that New Balance would manufacture a few more styles or at least colors for variety and that there was a model that was not mesh because they can be chilly in the wintertime. Whatsoever, I am lovin’ it.

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