Learn How to Shapeshift Your Way to New Levels in World of Warcraft

Druids are one of many classes of WoW characters available. They are extremely versatile hybrids who must specialize their positions as part of a party. They can transform from one shape to another, but can only be one shape at a time. They are known as the “preservers of the balance,” the keepers of Azeroth. They are ancient beings associated with nature and magic, and are wickedly exciting to play. In my opinion, they are the most rewarding of characters. For one thing, druids can fly. All they need to do is find a druid trainer who has this skill. Druids move very quickly and accomplish tasks faster than other characters. This allows them to excel at unlocking high-level regions and finding valuable ore and minerals. They’re also excellent at just about every profession.

Druids are great at damage dealing and spell casting. There are three talent trees from which druids come. There are Balance, Feral, and Restoration Druids. Balance druids work great in raids. They operate similar to mages using DPS to attack the enemy. Feral druids bring out the best qualities in both of the druids melee forms. Restoration druids are associated with healing. To decide which talent tree to take you must know your role in a raid. Are you a tank, damage dealer, or healer?

As a druid, make sure you have got all the proper gear and have learned the most important of trades. All of this can be decided by experience, from friends, from allies in a raid, and from guides. Druids are considered among the most difficult to level because of their flexibility. Don’t let this stop you from playing as a druid.

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