Justice is Balance

No one gets everything all ways. Justice comes to all eventually. All things equal out generally over time. The character Henri Ducard (played by Liam Neeson) said ‘Justice is balance,’ in Batman Begins and I find it true to life. Justice and righteousness (meaning essentially the same thing in ancient Hebrew) require balance to be true. In all life situations this more or less works out. Researching history we find, justice is inevitable.

According to our place in life we’re afforded only as much justice as our peers. We are not superior or inferior. Our peer group, therefore, is the bar by which we’re measured. This should make us want to knock around those who we can learn from because, amongst other things, we’ll benefit from the more privileged standard of justice as compared to the standard we’d ordinarily receive.

At its rawest, this justice is probably true so none of us gets a swelled head. As the pendulum swings our way, we are apt to get high and mighty; it swings back the other and we have to deal with the new humbling reality. It’s healthy that we don’t get everything our own way. It reminds us that we’re not God, and we forever remain subject to his rule whether we like that fact or not.

If we work hard we get blessed more; if we work too hard the blessing is tainted. If we don’t work hard enough, well, justice catches us eventually. Justice is diligence.

Justice is also prudence. When we consider things carefully, weighing risk, judging the moment correctly, we afford the best possible result for ourselves and others affected. If, on the other hand, we deal flippantly, we know what inevitably comes; justice.

Justice is shalom. When we rely on justice because we trust it, we are at peace with it, and this develops faith in us to expect justice to come through in the general sense.

Justice is respect. It’s the correct order of things, give or take a smidgeon of injustice (that requires faith for us to endure). It respects the natural and supernatural order and doesn’t get in the way of its workings; sometimes we don’t like it, but we daren’t get in the way of justice.

Justice is finally, wisdom. Justice is truth; a good, clear, strong, general truth. Justice is beauty we can rely on. Justice is bigger than us every time.

Praise Almighty God for justice. His justice is balance.

Copyright © 2009, S. J. Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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