Getting Familiar With The Intricacy and Beauty Of Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are of Irish and Scottish origin and these shoes have become a standard for many people over the years. For its worldwide popularity, the oxford has entered dictionaries where it is referred to as a closed laced shoe in elegant style with an aesthetic touch. An oxford may come as full or semi brogue and plain form. In the past, untanned leather in plain form was used to craft these shoes but nowadays we get oxford shoes in suede, tanned or synthetic leather.

Oxfords are famous as shoes for businessmen and executives. Men have been fond of these shoes since the origin and even women love these now. Then there are oxfords for children as well. The design of oxfords has evolved to satisfy the needs of different ages, sex and occasions. We now have oxford caps or toe car oxfords that use stitched leather placed over the upper. However, the typical oxford shoes are found in five main types known as Bluchers oxfords, Balmoralsoxfords, Saddle oxfords, Kilties oxfords and Wingtips oxfords.

Let us start with Bluchers and Balmorals. Bluchers are famous as an accessory for dancing. They come with leather soles. These oxfords have an outward look that reveals four clear segments. Bluchers are open-laced and their sides are sewn on the front side. On the contrary, Balmorals are close-laced as we cannot see the laces that lie hidden under a polished tongue flap. These shoes have a seamless look. Balmorals are great to go with suit and tie for a formal setting.

Saddles shoes have a saddle like shape with a piece of saddle shaped leather sewed on them. This saddle like leather part can have different colors which can even be in contrast of the base color. Typically black and white combination is the most popular. Then there are the Kilties that are men’s favorite. These oxfords have fringed leather tongue so that the laces and eyelets stay hidden. The Wingtip oxford gets its name for a peculiar embroidery style that reveals a design resembling the spread wings of birds. This type is also quite popular with men.

Women now enjoy wearing comfortable oxfords that can make them look more attractive or formal in any situation. For example, the casual saddle oxford with split suede and cushioned crepe sole are quite popular among women. These oxfords have relaxing heels. In the past, these saddle shoes came mostly in black and white but now women have them in pastel and dazzling colors.

The comfort oxfords for women are perfect when women want some sporty footwear with removable insole. These oxfords have leather lining and the sole is slip resistant. The fashion oxfords for women come in comfortable platform-sneaker style. They also come in sporty style with lightweight rubber sole with lot of flexibility. Finally, the hiking oxfords for women come with useful rough and tough features. These shoes have slip-resistant soles, water-proof uppers and toughened steel toes.

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