Faster Toning With the Skechers Resistance Runner

Toning shoes offer walkers the chance to increase the rate of toning and give the metabolism a boost to get calories burned more quickly, however for the 17 million or so runners in the United States, the only option for getting in shape more quickly is to run for faster or for longer.

Skechers have addressed this imbalance with the release of a brand new toning shoe for runners and joggers. The Skechers Resistance Runner is the product of some redevelopment of the Shape Ups toning design, and whilst it features the same Kinetic Wedge at its heart, the shoes also possess a new leaf spring system to help deal with the added forces at work when running.

Running in toning shoes is never advisable as the design is not suited to the increased stresses acting on the feet when moving at speed. The heel strike force is greatly increased when running, and this can lead to the heel bottoming out. The instability inducing midsole can be unpredictable when moving at speed, placing undue stress on the ankles and for any over pronating runner, the instability can increase the rolling of the foot.

The Skechers Resistance Runner has been designed with all of these problems in mind, and the new toning shoes for running address all of these issues. The Skechers SRR has improved the stability, greater comfort and even greater muscle toning benefits than the original design. The shock absorbing system has been improved with a leaf spring energy return system, which absorbs the strike force and channels it forward, improving running efficiency. The shoes have been stabilized laterally to prevent pronation and to increase flexibility in the feet to aid supinating runners. High density EVA foam in the heel ensures the feet are highly cushioned, even for the heavy footed.

When it comes to muscle activation the statistics speak for themselves. The Skechers Resistance Runner will increase muscle activation in the postural muscles by up to 85% and hip muscle activation by up to 71%, far greater than any other toning shoes produced to date. Whereas most toning shoes for walking will get 11% more activation in the calves, the Shape Ups Resistance Runner gets a 68% increase. For weight loss, again the shoes offer far superior benefits, getting the body into the fat burning zone 11% faster and increasing the rate of calorie burning by over 13%.

The Skechers SRR design looks quite different to the original Skechers Shape Ups shoes, with a low profile sexy design and great color schemes, with a good choice in both a men’s and women’s range. The attractive shoes are a far cry from the highly conspicuous designs of the past few years, and are part of a new generation of toning shoes which give better wellness benefits with designs closer to standard sneakers and running shoes.

The full package offered by the Shape Ups SRR will take some beating, however with the likes of Reebok and New Balance hot on Skechers tail, maybe 2011 will see even better toning shoes produced, however for the time being that seems a little way off.

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