Day Trading Domination – 3 Tips How to Dominate Day Trading

Career professionals want to overcome each and every adversity that may lead them away from their goals. Day traders are in the midst of experiencing such domination when they conquer a fear of taking over a market the best way possible. It’s true and evident that every investor cannot do this, but a very few have an ambition unforeseen in the stock market.

These individuals use their intuition, hard work, and dedication to overcome the ideals of trend setters. Trends can move a market while rumors can change an investor’s view of their picks; who has the ability to work in this change of fluidity? Investors that want to dominate the market by creating a plan and executing it without fear.

1. Review Company Profiles

Company profiles harness information about leadership teams, management supervisors, goals, the company’s purpose, and the personalities leading a business. As an investor, it’s good to know which companies have strong leaders because their leadership can produce profits. Profit is generated by a company leader with a vision, works hard to encourage developments, and harnesses the power of self-discipline to push a firm forward.

Investors prefer leaders that have experience in a company. Top CEOs, financial advisers, and employees can determine the strength of a firm’s production. What happens if a press release states a firm change in management? Stocks may sell. Stock prices may drop. Stocks may remain neutral for the first 10 hours. After those 10 hours, the firm starts evolving into a new company. Investors are aware of all of this and they focus on leadership, press releases, and the capabilities of their companies to produce profit for their portfolio.

2. Create a Work Schedule

How many hours are you willing to put into your business? Yes, day trading is a business because it needs a plan, purpose, and manage the loss. A work schedule includes understanding your best research times, evaluating your efforts, and implementing new techniques to find great picks. The

Fruit of labor comes from learning the basics then earning consistently.

Your work schedule should include times for research, learning new strategies, and workshops in day trading for investing. Anyone interested in following or dominating a niche must undertake a lot of scrutiny by consistency. Learning how to harness your working power can help edge you closer to what you’d like to achieve in your investing strategies.

3. Work Consistently

Consistency can change the way you view your portfolio; investors with experience understand that a strong winning streak in the markets. An important fact to remember is you will not have an opportunity to do the same thing every day you trade. You have to learn the ins and outs of certain industries then stick to their companies stocks.

The best firms tend to invest in research just as you should. Invest in what matters most which is time in learning about your picks then you will see the benefit’s the moment you wake to a new balance in your brokerage account.

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Getting Familiar With The Intricacy and Beauty Of Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are of Irish and Scottish origin and these shoes have become a standard for many people over the years. For its worldwide popularity, the oxford has entered dictionaries where it is referred to as a closed laced shoe in elegant style with an aesthetic touch. An oxford may come as full or semi brogue and plain form. In the past, untanned leather in plain form was used to craft these shoes but nowadays we get oxford shoes in suede, tanned or synthetic leather.

Oxfords are famous as shoes for businessmen and executives. Men have been fond of these shoes since the origin and even women love these now. Then there are oxfords for children as well. The design of oxfords has evolved to satisfy the needs of different ages, sex and occasions. We now have oxford caps or toe car oxfords that use stitched leather placed over the upper. However, the typical oxford shoes are found in five main types known as Bluchers oxfords, Balmoralsoxfords, Saddle oxfords, Kilties oxfords and Wingtips oxfords.

Let us start with Bluchers and Balmorals. Bluchers are famous as an accessory for dancing. They come with leather soles. These oxfords have an outward look that reveals four clear segments. Bluchers are open-laced and their sides are sewn on the front side. On the contrary, Balmorals are close-laced as we cannot see the laces that lie hidden under a polished tongue flap. These shoes have a seamless look. Balmorals are great to go with suit and tie for a formal setting.

Saddles shoes have a saddle like shape with a piece of saddle shaped leather sewed on them. This saddle like leather part can have different colors which can even be in contrast of the base color. Typically black and white combination is the most popular. Then there are the Kilties that are men’s favorite. These oxfords have fringed leather tongue so that the laces and eyelets stay hidden. The Wingtip oxford gets its name for a peculiar embroidery style that reveals a design resembling the spread wings of birds. This type is also quite popular with men.

Women now enjoy wearing comfortable oxfords that can make them look more attractive or formal in any situation. For example, the casual saddle oxford with split suede and cushioned crepe sole are quite popular among women. These oxfords have relaxing heels. In the past, these saddle shoes came mostly in black and white but now women have them in pastel and dazzling colors.

The comfort oxfords for women are perfect when women want some sporty footwear with removable insole. These oxfords have leather lining and the sole is slip resistant. The fashion oxfords for women come in comfortable platform-sneaker style. They also come in sporty style with lightweight rubber sole with lot of flexibility. Finally, the hiking oxfords for women come with useful rough and tough features. These shoes have slip-resistant soles, water-proof uppers and toughened steel toes.

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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats and Codes for Xbox 360

Infinite money

Successfully complete any mission and earn as little money as possible. Save the game, then replay that mission again. Earn as much money as possible and create a save point immediately before escaping from the level. Then, escape from the level and the mission review screens will appear displaying your new account balance. Any additional money earned from playing the mission the second time will be added to your account balance. Next, press B to return to the first screen, then press Y replay the mission. A message warning that your progress will be lost will appear. Ignore this message, as your save points and account balance will not be reset. When the mission begins again, load the save point created immediately before escaping from the level. Escape from the level and the additional money will be added to your account balance again. Repeat this process as much as desired to get an unlimited amount of money.

Infinite saves in Normal and Expert mode

While saving during a mission on the Normal or Expert difficulty setting, press Start before the “Save Complete” message appears and it will not count towards your limit of saves. Note: This will not harm your saved game.

Free intel

Purchase all the intel when a mission starts. Make a note of it, then pause the game and choose to restart the mission. You will have your original starting money, and the intel will now be available for purchase again even though you know what it contained.

Alternate background

Successfully complete the game to alternate the main menu background.

Newspaper headlines

After completing a mission, the newspaper headline will vary depending on how you did. If you did poorly, the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot very little and use mostly hand to hand it will say that there is not enough information to make a ranked description of you. If you completed the mission with high accuracy, it will state that you are a well trained marksman. Try completing missions differently to see different headlines.

License plates

Look at the license plates of cars in different levels. In the “A New Life” mission, the license plate of all the cars reads BADBLOD (Bad Blood). In the “A House Of Cards” mission, the license plate of the first limo at the casino reads “L1MONEY”, or something similar.

Alternate ending sequence

In the final level “Requiem”, Diana will give you the antidote to the death serum. You will fade in and out of life (power bar rises and drops to the beat of Agent 47’s heart) while the credits roll. If you do nothing, the game will end. However, if you press the Left Analog-stick Up and Down (or any other buttons) repeatedly, you will come back to life and your mission will be to leave no witnesses.

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Advantages of Desert Boots

It will be difficult to imagine walking without shoes in forests, deserts or in other similar locations with rough surfaces. If you ever try to walk barefooted in these locations, you will burn your feet and get rashes after walking only a small distance. It may also become so painful that it will be difficult for you to take even a single step. This is where foot safety accessory called boots may help you.

These days, different designs of boots for different purposes are available in the market. For example, desert boots are special type of shoes for desert hiking. These shoes have latest features and can be a great option for army men. Because of their features as well as the fashionable looks, they are highly popular. Apart from army men, common people also use dessert boots as protective footwear. The desert boots provide you stability with proper support for the ankles.

The manufacturers of boots know what kind of difficult environments a soldier’s feet has to go through in places like deserts. This is why they keep improving the features of the desert boots meant for them. These boots are designed in such a way that you can wear them to keep your feet comfortable even in harsh conditions of desert. These shoes give your feet sufficient room for breathing. If you buy a pair of branded boots, you can be sure that they will last long. You just need to maintain them properly. There are several brands in the market that manufacture desert shoes in different designs, colors and sizes.

There are many cheap replicas of dessert boots available in the market. If you purchase these low quality desert boots, there is no assurance of the performance and they will not last as long as the branded ones with good quality. If they are not serving their purpose, the boots are of no use. You must remember that purchasing a pair of good quality shoes from a leading manufacturer will provide your feet the comfort and safety that it requires.

You should always refrain from buying a low quality cheap pair of boots to buy a new pair just after a few months. It is always advisable to buy a good quality pair of boots that will not only last longer but also serve the purpose fully. Choosing the right size of the shoes is also very important so that you do not end up with something that is either too tight or too loose.Desert boots are made for both men and women.Generally, desert boots for men and women have same features and styles.

While using the desert boots, it is not required to keep stooping down every time to tie the laces. You can wear and remove them wherever required. These shoes have speed laces which can be really fast and enable you to tie the laces within minutes. The exceptional manufacturing of these shoes provides a great grip on the walking surface.

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Carpet Skating to Learn New Tricks

Carpet skating, or carpet boarding, is a great way to learn some new tricks right in your own bedroom. While most people probably don’t have a room big enough to do full skating, you can practice tricks, balance and more on your board indoors on carpets.

You can practice carpet skating in one of three ways:

  1. With a board with no trucks
  2. On a board with trick trucks
  3. On your board with wheels because they won’t slide as easily on carpet

Benefits to Carpet Skating

There are many benefits to carpet skating. For one, it just gives you something to do to get more familiar on your board while you are inside the house or in your room. Another benefit is that it lets you practice certain tricks and moves without the board sliding all over the place on you. It can help you build your confidence on the board. If you fall, it usually doesn’t hurt as much, or at all when you are practicing on carpet. Another benefit is that it’s just fun to do.

Pitfalls to Carpet Skating

There are some downsides to carpet skating, of course. You will not get as much pop and since you can’t really roll around on carpet, certain moves will be more difficult. There is also the risk that you will break something or hit something when skateboarding indoors. The board can fly out from under you and if you lose control, it might break something.

Practice Tricks

If you want to use carpet boarding to learn new tricks, you might use a secondary board and take the trucks off or put practice trucks on. You should first decide which trick you are going to practice and you can watch some videos in your room and then try the moves for yourself. Watching videos that you can pause and rewind make it easier to slow it down and get your foot placement right. This makes it easier to get the tricks just right.

That’s pretty much all there is to carpet skating. There are no official rules; it’s just something that a lot of skaters do. If you’ve never tried it before then now is a good time to give it a shot and see if it helps you with balance, control or any new tricks.

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Complete Wii Balance Board Game List

I took some time to write a simple list about all the Wii games that are compatible with the Wii Balance Board (Wii Fit Board). Most of them are already released, some will be by early next year. I also included a small summery for each of the games.

1.All Star Cheer Squad – basically you have to play a cheerleader who moves up to become the head cheerleader. Start of as the rookie who has to try out for even getting accepted into the squad. The more you play the game the more advanced routines you will learn. You can play career mode or mini game mode style.

2.Academy Of Champions: Soccer – the tile says it all, a game basically for boys who love soccer. This title includes 12 mini games. Or play the story line to battle against a football academy. Try to make your team win the championship.

3. Avatar – the game to the upcoming film Avatar. The film is by James Cameron. The game is an action based adventure game, which takes place at an alien planet. Will be released at the end of November.

4. Daisy Fuentes Pilates – a great workout game not only for all the pilates lovers, but also people in general who want to improve their posture and do some more exercise without going to the gym. This game includes 10 pilates routines. There are 5 pre set routines and 5 customizable ones. The game starts at the level of beginners, but will move up in difficulty to advanced. You can play this game in English or Spanish. The commentator is Daisy Fuentes that will guide you all the way with her great tips in subjects like health and fitness.

5. DanceDance Revolution Hottest Party 3 – a sequel to the DanceDance Revolution games. You can either play with the dance pad or as the title of this article says, with the Wii Balance Board. The game can be played in workout mode, story mode, lesson mode or kids mode. This rhythmic game is the best one until now, because all the previous titles didn’t include the Wii Balance Board. It includes also more than 50 tracks of music.

6. Diva Girls- Divas On Ice – a nice girlie game who want to try out as ice princesses. There is a career mode available, but also mini games. Defiantly a game for girls for the age of 8+.

7. Doctor Fizzwhizzle’s Animal Rescue – a game where you have to advance in stages to rescue animals. An arcade kind of game. You have more than 180 levels to play and can rescue 60 different animals. It includes also a kids mode with quizzes about animals.

8. Don King Boxing – a boxing game where you step into the ring to fight against the greatest boxers in real venues like Madison Square Garden or Boardwalk Hall. See if you can make it to the top – in career mode. This is one of the top rated games of this year. You should try this game, even if you are not too much into boxing. This gives you the workout of a fitness game, but still makes it fun to play. Has a teen rating.

9. EA Sports Active More Workouts – This is the sequel to the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer game that was released about a year ago. One of the highest rated Wii fitness games. You can use the Wii Balance Board, the Wii remote and Nunchuk to play this game. This game adds 35 new exercises that target the whole body. More Workouts is made to be played in the winter as it focuses on warm-weather games like surfing, jet skiing and rafting. It also keeps players motivated with a 6-week-challenge that tracks the players progress.

10. EA Sports Active Personal Trainer – This was probably the most successful game for the Wii Balance Board. You can play sports like running, basket ball, volley ball, roller skating, boxing, baseball, dancing, and many other games. This game includes a rubber resistant band for muscle workouts and a pouch for jogging and running. If you want to play this game with a friend you can get the gear also separately. Sign up for the 30 day challenge with its 20 minute workouts to get into shape. This game will make your living room into a gym without the need of leaving the house.

11. Go Play Circus Star – Go try out to become the greatest circus performer. Play in career mode and play stage-by-stage or play mini games. Most of the games in this title are compatible with the Wii Balance Board. One of three games of the Go Play series.

12. Go Play City Sports – Another one of the Go Play series. Play six street games like stick ball, kickball, street hockey and soccer. In career mode you have to stand up for yourself and become the top athlete of your street. A fun and casual game for the whole family.

13. Go Play Lumberjacks – The last one of the Go Play series. This title takes you to the outdoors where you can play five different event categories. In each one of those categories you compete against three other players. One of the fun games is defiantly the water log game where you have to balance on a log.

14. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout – Another great fitness title. What makes this game unique it that when you buy it, you get a free one week trial at any Gold Gym. In the game your workout is chosen according to your own fitness level. So you don’t have to worry that you will not be able to keep up. Includes boxing, running, rope jumping and many other sports.

15. Imagine Fashion Party – A game for all the girls who love to live the world of fashion. Includes office mode where you play a designer that get challenged by difficult clients. Or try to be a make-up artist and style your models before they hit the runway. You can even own your own TV show just like the one from Heidi Klum. This game also lets you share pictures through the Wii Wifi connection.

16. Imagine Party Babyz – For all of you who love the cute baby games like baby food throwing, dancing and hula hoop. There are more than 30 fun mini games to play. Or go for the career mode where you are in charge of a daycare center.

17. Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 – Another one of the popular fitness games for the Wii. This is a boot-camp-style game that focuses on four workout types: weight loss, intervals, hill climb and strength training. Just like in real life the game starts with warm-up, keeps you in your target zone to burn calories and cool-down for stretching. It even has a competitive mode where you play against a friend to find out who can burn more calories. The game is lead by fitness guru Jillian Michaels, that not only guides you through each exercise but also offers lifestyle tips.

18. Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 – The sequel to the boot-camp style fitness game. It adds on to the other game with a resolutions mode. In this mode you can plan ahead your routines for up to six months. Just like the first game it focuses on cardio like running, bicycle, swing kicks, jumping jacks. Strength training includes exercises like lunge kicks, push-ups, back kicks, sledge swings and many more. It offers very accurate motion tracking to give you a real-life experience. This is a recommended game if you want to get into shape fast.

19. Marble Saga Kororinpa – one of my favorite fun games from all Wii games. It includes more than 100 levels for the Wii Balance Board. Don’t be fooled because I called it fun games. This game will defiantly challenge you while you try to move across the mazes and collect all the orange gems. If you collect also the green gems (one per level) you can unlock more stages at the end. Not only can you choose the difficulty but also different marbles – each with their own strengths. Collect all the stomp-temple-parts and you unlock the ability to design your own mazes at the end. You will play in 7 different worlds, each one with their own characteristics. So after you played the whole game you can even connect via the Wifi to get more advance levels. Check out the leader boards via the Wifi to see you is the best in the game.

20. Mario And Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games – Compete at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Choose your favorite character from players like Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong. This game targets primarily the fans of these characters. You have the option to play the game in single player, multiplayer and festival mode. Festival mode means that you go through all the Olympic events to become the greatest Olympic champion. This game includes winter themed games like skiing, hockey, bobsled and figure skating. But you also play dream events that won’t happen in real life like dream snowball fight. You move your character with a combination of the Wii Balance Board, wii remote and nunchuk.

21. Mountain Sports – Another winter themed game that features six full length sports to make your gaming experience more satisfying. These include skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, tobogganing, bobsledding and curling. The goal of the game is to become the champion of the white mountain. Most of the games make use of the Wii Balance Board (5 out of six)

22. My Fitness Coach – This fitness game includes 500 exercises like cardio, flexibility and strength training. You can choose your favorite environment to suit your mood. Also customize your music with styles like Latin music, hip hop, oldies, music from the 80’s,… As you progress the workouts will get more demanding. It also includes a meditation garden to practice stretching and yoga.

23. My Personal Golf Trainer – The only golf game that makes use of the Wii Balance Board. Not yet release thus not much more information available.

24. NewU: Fitness First Personal Trainer – another fitness title that was released in 2009. Just like many of the other fitness based games your own personal virtual trainer guides you through a set of exercises. This game will try to get you in better shape through fitness and healthy living without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

25. Overturn – a wii ware title that you can get through the Wii Shop via the Wifi Connection.

26. Playmobil: Circus – This game combines the playmobil characters with the circus theme to attract primarily the younger players. You can unlock more than 16 circus tricks to impress the crowd. Two multiplayer modes are available: versus, where you compete against a friend and teamwork, where you work together to reach your goal. Play acts with elephants, magician, tame the lion and many more wacky games.

27. Punch Out – The sequel to the popular game of more than 15 years ago. Play against characters like Glass Joe and King Hippo. Most of the names will be familiar if you played the first game. In career mode you will have to win against 13 opponents. Each one has their own characteristics and weaknesses. Boxing games are not only fun games to play but will definitely get you into shape as you use your whole body to play. The Wii Balance Board makes the game even more realistic.

28. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party – The only title of the Rayman Raving Rabbids series that is compatible with the Wii Balance Board. This game focuses on TV series, ads and TV classics. Play either in story mode where you will go through one week of television with unique tasks and very hilarious challenges. Or play party mode with up to 8 players, four of which can play simultaneously. In all these mini games your overall goal is to help the rabbids destroy the daily TV viewing and thus drive Rayman crazy. Two of the 65+ games are Beestie Boarding (slide down a hill filled with obstacles where the board is a wildebeest) and Garden of Weeden (get rid of all the weeds in the garden by spraying them with poison – apply pressure to the Wii Balance Board to succeed in the challenge). Overall, one of the number one party games.

29. Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip – Shaun White will instruct you to become a great snowboarder. Turn the board so you glide down the mountain just like on a real snowboard. You can enjoy the scenery with the unique camera system and beautiful graphics. Or go for the challenges to compete in snowboarding events. There are four ventures to explore: Alaska, Europe, Japan and Park City.

30. Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage – was just recently released. Is the sequel to the Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip game. This game just like the previous one has the rating 10+. Can you make it in the half-pipe to be better than everybody else? A nice game if you live far away from any snow, but still would like to know how it feels to snowboard.

31. Skate City Heroes – A skating game that takes place in a futuristic city on top of skyscrapers. You have to race between trains, hoover over cars and other crazy moves. The goal of the game is to out-race your opponent with your skills and moves. You need to free a friend and make peace in the city. All these if you can become the skateboarding master. Has a multiplayer mode for up to four players.

32. Skate It – A more realistic skating game where you can customize your own skate park with ramps, rails, benches and many more skate-able objects. The career mode lets you compete in skate venues to become the skater of the year. This is the game for you if you are into skating and the whole skate culture.

33. Ski And Shoot – A biathlon style game that includes original world cup tracks. But you can not only compete in those original sport spots but also play real time biathlon sports icons like Kati Wilhelm and Michael Rosch. Choose from 20 different tracks and more than 15 international locations. As the title says, you will focus on cross country skiing and target shooting.

34. Snowboard Riot – another Wii Ware title that you can get through the Wifi Connect Shopping channel of your wii.

35. Stratosphere Yoga – not much yet known about this title or when it will be released.

36. Super Monkey Ball: Step And Roll – Planned release is in February of 2010. This is a sequel to the popular Super Monkey Ball series. You play a monkey (several different ones to choose one each one with their own strengths) in a giant bubble that has to finish levels and collect bananas on the way.

37. The Biggest Loser – The game to the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser”. Not only for those who want to loose weight but also for those who want to stay in shape and not gain weight. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels will guide you through exercises, motivate you and stand by you all the way. This title includes more than 88 exercises which target the upper- and lower body, the core and cardio. It also teaches you yoga poses and thus improves your posture. The Wii Balance Board can be used in over 66 exercise. Choose from 4, 8 or 12 week challenges and see if you can stay above the yellow line in weigh-in. To all those above mentioned features it also includes more than 50 healthy recipes and a daily planning calendar.

38. Vertigo – An action game where you have to control a metal ball. Try to keep it from falling off the sides just with the balance of your body. Sounds easy but is in reality very tricky. The game is set in a futuristic environment on top of skyscrapers and tall buildings. It includes 54 levels and has 4 different modes. You can even customize your own ball to give it its unique controls.

39. Walk It Out – an upcoming walking game. This game will be released in January 2010. The more you take steps and walk, the more beautiful your world will become. This game features more than 120 songs which should keep you focused and motivated. The game keeps track of your progress and burned calories with charts and graphs. You can use the Wii Balance Board, the Dance Dance Revolution controller, the wii remote and the nunchuk to play the game. This is a very popular game in Japan, where it is already released.

40. Water Sports – The game focuses on summer themed games like windsurfing, jet skiing, kite surfing and wake boarding. You have different locations to choose from like Australia and South Africa. Do tricks and combine them to get lots of points.

41. We Ski And Snowboard – Choose from 14 courses and from beginner to advanced in this great skiing game. Choose if you want to go skiing or snowboarding. You are in the Happy Ski Resort where you can focus on just casual skiing, competitions or tricks with your snowboard. Explore the surrounding area by helicopter. You can even decide at what day-time you would like to experience skiing: during day, afternoon with its warm light or night under the light of fireworks.

42. We Ski – Again you are in the Happy Ski resort. This game lets you only do skiing but you will for sure enjoy the great two mountains. You can even try black diamond slopes. Just like in the previous game, you can choose the time of the day, and which course you would like to try. Overall a fun game for the whole family.

43. Wii Fit – The most famous game for the Wii Balance Board. This is the game that got released first with the Board. Part of the title focus on your balance like the Balance Games and Yoga games. Our family’s favorite are the Balance games. You start off with 5 games. The more time you spend exercising and playing the more games you can unlock. The other categories are Strength Training and Aerobics. You can even create a Wii Fit Channel – a mode where you don’t have to put in the DVD to do a daily body test. Each time you do a body test you will be weighed and your balance will be tested. According to that you will get a score that is your Wii Fit Age. Don’t take it too seriously if you are 10 or so years older than your real age. This should just motivate you to do daily exercises and keep in shape.

44. Wii Fit Plus – The just recently released sequel to the Wii Fit game. It combines the two games so you can play both of them from one CD. The difference is that you can now customize your workouts much easier and even decide if you want to do 20, 30 or 40 minute workouts. This game adds six new yoga activities and strength training exercises and 15 new balance games. A very fun game for the whole family not only if you are into fitness and weight loss.

45. Wii Music – Use the Balance Board to play 60+ instruments. But it does not matter if you press buttons at a certain time like in other music games. This is a very casual game, where there is no right or wrong. Just enjoy yourself while playing in a band. You can invite up to 4 people to play with you in your band. And you can even connect with friends through the Wifi connection. Choose your flavor like rock, jazz and Latin.

46. Winter Sports 2 The Ultimate Challenge – a winter themed game where you try out in 18 disciplines from 11 different winter sports. In this game you are in the center of sporting events that are broadcast all over the world. Some of the activities include snowboarding, ice skating, biathlon and ski jumping.

47. World Championship Athletics – Compete in 28 different summer themed sports games. Some of these are: high diving, hurdles and pole vault. See if you can win the gold medal and improve your own personal best.

48. Yoga – just recently released yoga game that focuses not only on yoga itself but also on its unique lifestyle. It lets you choose between story mode, where you start off as a complete yoga beginner and end up as a yoga guru. Training mode, where you can learn new poses. And Routine mode where you customize a workout that puts together several yoga poses. This game is a must if you liked the yoga exercises in the Wii Fit game.

Most of the games are just casual games that you play for fun. Some of them are excellent fitness games like Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. And my pick for the most fun game from the whole list: Marble Saga Kororinpa. In this game you have to balance a marble through a maze and collect colored gems on the way. Might sound boring to you, but when you play it you get really addicted. You can play this game also with the Wii Remote only. (Not less fun!)

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Five Positive Tips for Baby Boomers: Retirement & Panic

As we 73 million Baby Boomers retire in droves, at the rate of 10,000 per day, and totaling more than a quarter million Americans every month until the year 2030, we enter a period of personal disorientation and confusion, if the truth be known. We are a very hard-working generation, and often have been defined by our careers. And we have high expectations. So our concerns are valid.

Although we have earned money throughout lifetimes of hard work, our savings have been impacted by major stock market, banking industry and housing industry crashes. Even if we did save enough, which many of us did not, we have watched those savings decline drastically, with little we could do about it.

Baby Boomers also have been known to be a generous group. We have done well by our children, our parents, our communities, our churches. Many of us have felt the pinch from adult children who have had difficulties earning adequate incomes on their own. And many of us have dealt with aging parents who need significant assistance, financially and/or otherwise.

We grew up in an era where making a meaningful contribution was paramount to a life well lived. We have always wanted to make a difference. From women’s rights, to civil rights, to world hunger, to preserving the planet, we always have been there – marching, demonstrating, donating our funds and services. We are a generation who has always cared.

And now it is our turn to retire. Our parents retired under a very different paradigm, generally supported for the remainder of their lives by their employer-provided pensions. Not so with us. Only one in four Boomers can expect significant income from an employer-provided pension.

And we know better than to expect that retirement will be cheap. Statistics show that almost half of retired households now spend more money, not less, in retirement. We also know that we are likely to live for quite a long time. According to the Social Security Administration, one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past the age of 90, while one out of 10 will live past 95.

So if some of us associate feelings of panic with retirement, we have good reason. But there are positive factors that will make transformative differences in our favor. Use these five tips and considerations to your advantage to turn your own retirement years into some of the best years of your life.

  1. Time is on your side.
  2. Reinvention is the new normal. Expect to have freedom and engagement too.
  3. If you need more money to live the lifestyle you desire, then make some more.
  4. Seek assistance with your “transition.”
  5. Nurture your pioneer spirit as a role model. Lead the way.

Time is on your side.

If you have lived to age 65, you will have another 25 to 30 years or so of life left to live. So you will have ample time to ace your own retirement transition. This bounty of time can be put to good use to redirect and explore, gain self-knowledge, and study the patterns and passions of your own unique and inimitable self in order to yield a retirement design that is optimal for you, mentally, socially, physically, financially, and spiritually. Use time to your benefit to give yourself the gift of a future that engages you fully and towards which you can and will apply yourself with vitality, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Create a retirement that will be your opus, not just a condition that you wander into aimlessly.

Although, as a Boomer, you already are part of the most educated, most techno-savvy generation in our country’s history, you know that there is a lot more for you to learn. With 25-30 years left ahead of you, there is no need for you to race into your third phase of life limited by what you already know how to do. Once you discover what you long to do and be next, you will have the luxury of time to learn how to do it and do it well, to apply your new learning for many years, and even to pass it on.

Reinvention is the new normal. Expect to have freedom and engagement too.

“Working” during retirement, with or without earning money for it, can be a meaningful pursuit when it is in line with your truest and most naturally enthusiastic self. It is essential to understand that what we’re talking about here is not simply more of the same. After retirement, motivation to work is based on a desire for continued purpose, productivity, stimulation, satisfaction, and social connection. Gone are the days of “I’ll do anything so long as it pays well.”

Although the majority of Boomers do plan to work in retirement (71%), that does not mean we are willing to continue on with the same work. Over half of us (51%) plan to enter a different line of work in retirement. Since we are looking for work that yields stimulation and satisfaction, we will be less willing to fit ourselves to a job and more prone to find avenues of work that fit us.

This translates to the necessity of reinventing yourself, then reinventing your work. Make choices based on knowledge of your own true self. What are you like? (your type and temperament). What engages you? (your interests). What has meaning for you? (your values). And what can you do well? (your skills and talents).

Then based on what you discover, reinvent your work. Most likely, you will not be interested in continuing at the same pace and intensity level as your earlier work life. And you may not be willing to opt either for freedom over engagement, or the other way around, when you want to, and can, have both. According to the 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement Study, many Boomers will seek flexible work arrangements such as part-time work (39%), or going back and forth between periods of work and periods of leisure (24%). Others will start businesses or enterprises, offer services, create, perform, invent, coach, guide or mentor.

If you need more money to live the lifestyle you desire, then make some more.

In the past, the focus of retirement planning has been on saving and investing money during your major work years in order to be able to live on passive income throughout retirement. To the degree that we have succeeded at this task, or have the benefit of increasingly rare employer-provided pensions, this passive income can provide a solid base after we retire. But this base income certainly does not define or limit our potential lifestyles. Retirement need not mark a shift to passive income only or the end of active earning. It is much better, and probably more realistic, to think of having some of each!!

With the advent of computer-based work, locating and carrying out work contracts can be accomplished without even leaving your house. The world can be your market for the services you offer, the art or crafts you create, the books or courses you write. Once you redefine yourself, and decide what your purpose will be from this point on, you will have many options and arenas for following through.

If your dream has been to travel during retirement, and you are short the money to do so, set out to earn the travel money you need to fly off to France and Italy for a month. If you want to buy books, or season tickets to the Symphony, or even a boat… work as many “gigs” as it takes for you to achieve your dreams. Do not fall prey to the mentality that you will forevermore be forced to live on a fixed income.

Seek assistance with your “transition.”

Retirement, and the considerable challenges of planning for this dramatic transition, is not something you need to face or plan alone. Although it may sound simple to uncover what you are uniquely and even passionately suited to do for your remaining years, this will be a process, not an event.

After decades of having work define you, it is no simple task to turn this around so you are the one to define the work. Likewise, you will be fully in charge of establishing your new balance between work and lifestyle. Without a plan, you may waste precious years of this pinnacle time in your life. These life and work redesigns are made even more complex for couples, each of whom will need to create an individual vision, and then, through a series of conversations, build a shared vision that takes into account what each needs and wants.

During this all essential transition period, give yourself permission to seek out the assistance you need to get it right. Although in the past most so-called Retirement Counselors have focused exclusively on financial issues, the emerging industry of Certified Retirement Coaches, Retirement Therapists, and Transition Counselors have become an excellent source of assistance, offering one-on-one consultation, as well as group sessions. Also, there are a number of helpful books about the retirement transition, particularly those that offer assistance with self-analysis and career changing. Try a search for “life and work after retirement” to identify resources to guide you through the transition process.

Retirement is a time of rediscovery, followed by essential decisions about what to do and be, to accomplish and contribute, for the rest of your life. It is well worth dedicating energy and time, as well as resources, to your own future.

Nurture your pioneer spirit as a role model. Lead the way.

As we 73 million Baby Boomers redefine the process, the visage, the experience and the outcomes of retirement, we ultimately will be demonstrating to future generations how it can be accomplished creatively and well. This will provide them with all-essential models for their own lives in later years. And with 73 million Boomers going through these changes within less than two decades, there will be plenty of need and demand for more retirement coaches in the years ahead. So once you get your own retirement transition right, you may choose to offer necessary guidance to other Boomers.

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The Lemonade Stand

One of the best ways to learn about finance is to start with a real-world story that everyone can relate to – a story that even kids can understand. The most iconic – if not most enjoyable – business enterprises of childhood is the lemonade stand. Setting up a table and serving a few drinks to neighbors on a hot afternoon over summer vacation may seem like a simple, spontaneous venture, but it can also illustrate many fundamental concepts of finance..

So you wake up one Summer morning and having gotten over the initial joy of the first few weeks with no school, you’re bored and decide to do something productive with your free time. You decide to start a lemonade stand.

You take a quick inventory of the supplies you’ll need to get started – cups, lemonade mix, a pitcher a cooler, a sign – and you realize that you’ll need to head to the store to pick up more cups and mix. You run upstairs to grab some cash from your piggy bank and discover that you only have a dollar. You know you’ll need at least five dollars to purchase supplies.

This brings us to our first finance lesson. We have a need for capital, or money, right now, but won’t have any money until after we’ve sold some lemonade. Fortunately, finance is intended for solving just such a problem. Finance enables people to access capital when they need it.

For borrowers, they can get money now when they need it most and pay it back later when they have more access to money and their need isn’t as great. For savers, they can lend or invest their money now when they have money and don’t need it as much and then be repaid later when they need more money – perhaps in retirement.

So coming back to our lemonade stand, we need to borrow some money. Like any entrepreneur, the first place you look to borrower money is friends and family – or in our case, mom and dad.

Friends and family are an attractive source of funding for entrepreneurs because they are more familiar with the potential borrower than a bank would be and therefore will usually offer better borrowing terms like a lower interest rate.

You explain your plans to Mom and that you think you’ll need another four dollars to get started with your lemonade stand. She agrees to front you the money, and you rush off to the store to buy your supplies. The total bill comes to $4.50, which is great because you’re left with 50 cents of working capital that you can use to make change for customers.

Before the lemonade stand opens for business, let’s take a look at what’s been happening from an accounting perspective. It’s important to get a rudimentary understanding of accounting so that we can measure the financial performance of the enterprise and understand how well we’re doing.

So let’s start with our balance sheet. The balance sheet is one of a company’s financial statements. It represents a snapshot of a company’s financial position at a particular point in time. It lists the value of the company’s assets followed by its liabilities. A balance sheet can be summed up by a simple equation:

Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity

To better understand how a balance sheet works, let’s look at the steps our balance sheet has gone through so far. When we first started, all we had was one dollar in cash, therefore, our balance sheet equation looked like this:

$1 cash = $0 Liabilities + $1 Owner’s Equity

As soon as we got a loan from Mom, though, our balance sheet changed. Our cash went up by the four dollars we received from Mom and now our liabilities have also gone up by four dollars because we owe Mom the money.

$5 cash = $4 Liabilities + $1 Owner’s Equity

Notice that whenever a financial transaction occurs, both sides of the equation still have to balance – hence the name balance sheet.

After we purchase supplies for our lemonade stand, our assets change form, but the liabilities side of the balance sheet remains the same.

$4.50 in supplies + $0.50 cash ($5 total assets) = $4 Liabilities + $1 Owner’s Equity

Although this is a very simple balance sheet, it illustrates the fundamental purpose of the balance sheet – describing a company’s assets and the claims on those assets (liabilities).

Now let’s sell some lemonade!

You set up your stand at a great location in your neighborhood, and it turns out to be a great day for lemonade sales. You set the price just right and after only a couple hours, you’ve sold all the lemonade that you’d purchased. You take down your stand and head back into the house to count your earnings.

You wound up selling 50 cups of lemonade at 50 cents a piece for a grand total of $25 in revenue. So what did you earn in terms of profit? It’s time to pull out the accounting again.

To determine profit, we should put together an income statement for the lemonade stand. Sometimes income statements are referred to as profit and loss statements or P&Ls. An income statement simply takes the difference between a company’s revenues and its expenses to determine net income or profit over a certain period of time.

Revenues – Expenses = Net Income

In our case, we have $25 in revenue and $4.50 in expenses. One could argue that we should price in labor costs (you should be paid for the time you spent making and selling lemonade), but for now, we’ll just look at supply expenses. The lemonade stands income statement for its first day of operations would look like this:

$25 Revenue – $4.50 Expenses = $20.50 Net Income

So what does our balance sheet now look like? We no longer have any supplies, just a lot of cash ($25.50 including the 50 cents of working capital we had for change). We started out with $4 in liabilities and $1 in owner’s equity, but now we have $21 in total assets, so our liabilities no longer balance.

All the profit from our lemonade stand accrues to the owner, therefore, it gets added to the owner’s equity account. So our new balance sheet looks like this:

$25.50 cash = $4 Liabilities + $21.50 Owner’s Equity

You take a look at your balance sheet to take inventory of how you did. You started out with just a dollar in equity and now you have over 20. Not too bad. You take a look at your income statement and see that your net income was $20.50, which is the exact increase in your owner’s equity.

Feeling satisfied with your enterprise, you go back to Mom and repay the four dollars you borrowed from her. Since you kept the money for less than a day, she says you don’t owe her any interest. At the end of the day, your balance sheet reads:

$21.50 cash = $0 Liabilities + $21.50 Owner’s Equity

Day one in the lemonade business has taught us a few basic finance and accounting concepts, but why stop there? Perhaps we should take our lemonade business to the next level. Stay tuned.

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How to Buy Top Brand Running Shoes For Girls

When you go shopping for a new pair of sneakers, if you are a serious female runner you will need to find a store that sells specialized running shoes for girls. Simply going into a general sports store and buying a pair that looks good will not necessarily be the best option. Most dedicated running outlets will have highly trained staff, who will generally be runners themselves. They will be able to help you pick out the perfect pair of girls running shoes, which will feel comfortable to go jogging in, but also play a crucial role in minimizing injuries.

Because women tend to have wider hips than men, the top parts of their legs join the knee at a bigger angle – called the Q-angle, or quadriceps angle. This makes the female runner more prone to joint injury than her male counterpart. The slightly different anatomy also means that girls are more likely to need running shoes that correct problems caused by the feet rolling either inwards or outwards during the running action.

Most proper running supplies stores will have a treadmill and high-speed camera set up, to help determine which way your feet roll – if they collapse inwards, you are said to overpronate; if they roll outwards, you underpronate or supinate. So do not be surprised if you are asked to get on the running machine by staff, so they can do a so-called “gait analysis” on your action.

Once you know whether you are an overpronator, a supinator or have a neutral gait, you will be happy to hear that most of the main running shoe brands will provide something to fit your style. Take your time and try on several pairs to get the ones that fit perfectly for length and width, without sliding around and causing blisters. If necessary, ask the staff if you can try them out on the treadmill to see how they perform when you are actually running. Here are some of the major brands to look for, and they are divided into the three running gaits with examples of which model to try out. Do listen to the staff and take advice though; new models are made each year to enhance the comfort of runners and correct minor imperfections in the preceding versions.

Asics Models – GEL-Kayano (neutral); GEL-Evolution (overpronation); GEL-Nimbus (supination)

Saucony Models – ProGrid Triumph (neutral); ProGrid Stabil (overpronation); Grid Launch (supination)

Mizuno Models – Wave Creation (neutral); Wave Alchemy (overpronation); Wave Rider (supination)

Brooks Models – Glycerin (neutral); Addiction (overpronation); Glycerin (supination)

New Balance Models – WR441 (neutral); WR749 (overpronation); WR769 (supination)

Nike Models – Zoom Vomero (neutral); Zoom Structure Triax+ (overpronation); Air Pegasus (supination)

Many brands have versions of their running shoes which fit for a range of gaits, so you might find that often, a particular model be fine for neutral runners as well as underpronators. This is why it is always a good idea to go to a specialist store, where the staff can guide you towards the most suitable ones.

The brands and models I have included are examples only, and offer you a start point for your search for the perfect girls running shoes. There are many more models offered by each brand, so keep pestering the staff for a good selection to try out for yourself until you are satisfied you have found the right ones.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Where Does Your Allegiance Lie?

Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) is the work of Bioware and LucasArts. The online game is based on the work of George Lucas’ big screen movie, Star Wars.

Star Wars the Old Republic features two main allegiance which are the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The Galactic Republic is mainly represented and protected by the Jedi Order. Together they have succeeded in defeating enemies, including the Sith Empire during the Great Hyperspace War. The Dark Emperor has however recovered from the defeat and rebuilt the Empire, fueled by vengeance against the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Factions in SWTOR refers to more than just these two great powers but also the smaller alliances that come together throughout the galaxy. These include those such as multi-planet economic coalitions, fleets of space-faring nomads and interstellar crime syndicates. Through various means such as military fire power, underworld activities or political manipulations, these SWTOR factions have grown in power and influence.

Going back to the main factions in Star Wars the Old Republic. The Jedi Order, the protectors of the Republic are in fact diplomats and have been active for over twenty two thousand years. The Jedi’s ultimate enemy is the Sith Empire. During the Great War, the Empire has created a scar within the order with the memory of the death of thousands of Jedi. Ever since, the Dark lord has started seeking children who are in-tuned with the Force and trained them in the dark arts to do the Empire’s bidding.

With the opposing faction now making use of the Force, the Jedi Order needed to strengthen themselves and find a new balance. They have thus returned to their home, Tython. The return to Tython has however been welcomed with mysterious energies surrounding the Tythonian ruins and the return of the previously suppressed darkness. Mysterious energies are felt within the ruins in Tython.

The other faction, the SWTOR Sith Lords is a group of some of the most brutal leaders of the Sith Empire. These Sith Lords work together with the Sith Emperor to devise plans to destroy the Galactic Republic in revenge for the humiliations of defeat in past wars. The Sith Lords’ main objective besides killing off the Jedi is the recruitment and training of novice acolytes in order to further increase the powers of the Empire’s military force. The Sith Lords are hard at work to make sure that when the next battle against the Jedi comes, they will attack with full force and this round, there will be no mercy.

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