Is A New Balance Elliptical Machine The Right Elliptical Trainer For You?

With many consumers taking the plunge and joining the health conscious “let’s get fit craze” it’s only natural that many would turn to exercise machines to speed the process up. One of those fitness machines that many people are contemplating purchasing is the elliptical trainer. As an owner of an elliptical trainer I can personally vouch for their effectiveness and one brand in particular that I’m rather fond is the New Balance elliptical machine line.

For those not familiar with how an elliptical machine works here is a short synopsis. Basically, an elliptical trainer provides a low impact method of exercise that provides the calorie burning and fitness benefits obtained from jogging or running without the harmful jarring or bouncing that is associated with most aerobic and cardiovascular methods of exercise.

Elliptical trainers have experienced a surge in popularity based on their ability to provide an effective workout without hurting the body. That’s where the New Balance Elliptical Machines come in allowing physical fitness buffs a fantastic way to accomplish their health and fitness goals.

Some of the more popular New Balance Elliptical Machine models include the 9.0e and 9.5e. These elliptical trainers are very appealing to consumers and have an easy to use ergonomic design. Both of these models replace previous New Balance elliptical trainers and naturally have more features included in order to accommodate even the most pickiest home workout enthusiasts.

Both of these New Balance Elliptical Machines feature advanced consoles that allow for the viewing of the amount of time you have worked out, the amount of calories that have been burned, your speed and distance traveled as well as your heart rate.

Elliptical trainers make excellent home fitness machines and there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider purchasing one in order to help accelerate the achievement of your own personal fitness and health related goals.

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New Balance 9000 Elliptical Trainer – 3 Important Facts

Needless to say, one would no doubt wonder about New Balance 9000 Elliptical trainer. New Balance makes quality shoes, as apparent, and you may perhaps think they might have brought equally good Elliptical trainers in the market. New Balance has brought several models in the market of elliptical trainers and many a time people confuse the New Balance 9000 Elliptical trainer with the lower-end models from New Balance, which has no great review. New Balance 9000 Elliptical trainer undoubtedly is superior compared to the lower end designs is surely a good choice if any buy is considered.

1. Basic Features

At the outset you would notice that this Elliptical trainer has an electromagnetic drive system with a stride length which could be adjusted from 17 to 19 and up to a maximum length of 21 inches. That is apparent about New Balance 9000 elliptical trainer. Giving an edge, the New Balance Elliptical trainers could be used by tall as well as short people. This Elliptical trainer could get accustomed to any kind of weight rules as it can go up to supporting three hundred pounds. This could support various body types. The LCD display that it has, has got every display which the other Elliptical trainers have got, however, it has an additional display, presenting a display for watts. This is not very common among other machines; however its requirement is not widely spoken about. Both the lower and the upper body work out are fully supported by New Balance 9000 Elliptical machine, ensuring total body exercise at an ease.

2. Special Features

New balance 900 Elliptical trainers have bigger ComFrom foot platform pedal which makes it stand out on its special features. This adds to some real sturdy footing which could keep you continually stable all through the work out. This Elliptical trainer has got about sixteen levels of resistance using magnetic resistance, an in built sensor tracking heart beats as well as seventeen workout program levels. New Balance Elliptical trainer has an appealing feature of transportation wheels being attached to it. This makes the Elliptical trainer no not unnecessarily consume all the living space as it could be maneuvered easily and can be stocked up when not in use. New Balance 9000 Elliptical trainers are structured light-weight which would help in easy movement over its transportation wheels.

3. Know the drawback

The incline position in the New Balance Elliptical trainer is the only real trouble that is seen when compared to the rest of the machines; however this could be further improved. As of now, this Elliptical Machine has no adjustments or inclines positioning which may, at times be a little difficult during workouts. Again, there is no drastic difference in challenges which you can show up on the machine as; New Balance 9000 Elliptical machines have nearly 16 levels of magnetic resistance. New balance would certainly improve the currently existing drawback in the near future making New Balance 9000 dominant over several other competitors who are in the production of Elliptical trainers.

New Balance 9000 is one great Elliptical machine when compared to many in the market. It has wide benefits when focused. Hence a single drawback should not impair the machine as several special features have added to its fineness.

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New Balance Models for Everyday Use

When you’re on your feet all day, their comfort should be of the utmost importance to you if you want to stay healthy and happy. Whether you’re exploring your home town, on vacation far away, or taking a casual stroll through the woods, your feet can be your best friend or your worst enemy! But don’t underestimate the importance of some stylish kicks to keep you feeling hip and fun!  New Balance has shoes for every shape and size of foot in a rainbow of styles.  Form, function, and fashion are make New Balance shoes a kick above the competition!

Men’s New Balance MO1520GT

This highly versatile multi-sport shoe was designed for a wide range of outdoor activities and is even great when you’re shopping for other essential outdoor gear! The earthy brown color will make you feel right at home in the woods, and the bright orange accents will give you just the pop of style you need to feel fashionable when you’re out for a casual dinner with a friend or on that special first date with someone you’ve just met. The lightweight suede and mesh materials make for a breathable shoe that is great is all seasons. The C-Cap midsole provides major comfort whether you’re on the trail or hopping through the stores downtown!

Women’s New Balance WO1520GR

Women these days are always on the go! Whether they’re shopping for the perfect comfortable shoes-wait! Here they are! The Women’s New Balance WO1520GR is a completely stunning alternative to those uncomfortable flats or pumps. The natural comfort, durability, and breath-ability of the split suede is evident while you’re cruising the mall or walking the dog. These shoes are a beautiful deep brown that is sure to compliment any earth tone outfit in your closet. They are accented with a lovely blue stripe which is a feminine and eye catching color. The stability web delivers midfoot support and reduces the weight of the shoe, leaving your legs as light and carefree as your mind. The Women’s New Balance WO1520GR also boats a Vibram sole which makes it amazing for some light hiking through the woods on a beautiful summer day.

Men’s New Balance MO851GR

These black sneakers are a shoe that makean “I’m tough and also have great taste” statement! The yellow accents add a punch of contrast that truly make this a great looking sneaker without being overly flashy. Great for runs in all weather, the water-resistant Suede and Mesh material helps keep feet dry in inclement weather. So if you’re jogging, hiking or just not sure if its going to rain while you’re out looking for that new flat screen TV, these shoes are the way to go! The Men’s New Balance MO851GR also boats Abzorb cushioning in both the heel and forefoot for exceptional shock absorption. These shoes will let you perform in any situation, and keep you looking stylish while you do it.

Women’s New Balance WR993BK

A shoe that is both comfortable and adorable? That’s not easy to find! Good thing New Balance has got you covered with the Women’s New Balance WR993BK. Coming in a super sharp all black design, these sneakers will give your jeans and t-shirt look the hip splash it needed. Happily kick your butt into gear for shopping, dog walking or grabbing lunch with your girlfriends in these comfy and fun sneakers! A stunning classic, this shoe features Abzorb SBS cushioning in the forefoot, and Abzorb DTS cushioning in the heel as well as an ENCAP. This shoe will keep you comfortable though that all day wardrobe update and beyond!

Men’s New Balance MW977GT

For the mountain man who wants to put style into his every day routine New Blance has the perfect pair of boots! A rugged mid cut boot that can easily take you from trail to street corner, this shoe has got it all. Built with Gore-Tex, these are waterproof and ready to take you romping in rivers or slopping through city street puddles. The mid cut style gives you some heel stability for those unreliable and rocky trails. It also doubles to keep your feet as warm as can be on those chilly city treks.  A refreshing deep brown, the Men’s New Balance MW977GT puts you right at home when you’re in the woods, and brings to the woods to the city when you leave them.

Keep your feet and fashion sense happy with shoes from New Balance that are both comfortable and pleasing to the eye!

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New Balance 1225 – Why Be a Fan of This Model?

If you have trained in New Balance 1225 for the past year and ran The New York City Marathon in them, the first thing you could notice when you put these guys on is the comfort in the heel. I’ve always liked New Balance shoes and these are no different and I have already been recommending the 1225 to my friends and neighbors as to these are without a doubt the best running/athletic shoes I’ve owned.

NB 1225 is the fifth generation of the 1220’s line (1220, 1211, 1222, 1223, 1224 and this model) and I guess the support in the arch of this series is what brings you back whether you wear them for running or cross train. I had a pair of 1224 which I really liked, but these are far, far better. They are light, have great support and perfect cushioning. Highly recommend these shoes, particularly if you are a mild overpronator and a heavier runner with wide feet.This shoe is not cheap, but in this case you really do get what you pay for.

What PL-1 Shoe Last fells like? The shoe last is a foot model upon which the shoe is constructed, and the last will determine the fit characteristics of a style. As New Balance PL-1 shoe last was carefully designed to provide a preferred streamlined profile, it could fit you perfectly if you have long narrow feet (e.g. size 15B, narrow heel, low volume foot). However, if you used to wear a standard last, for example SL-2 which is roomer than PL-1, you may feel like the mesh upper of New Balance 1225 hugs your foot more than conforms.

It squeaks? How to figure it out? They feel great, but if they make the shoes squeak on occasion when you walk. You can fix it by just sprinkle some baby powder down into the shoe, or alternately, insert a folded paper towel between the insole and the rest of the shoe. Easy, isn’t it?

Is any problem with orthopedics? No. In fact, if you wear custom orthopedics, you will find to put them inside the shoe without any problems as they accommodate orthotics very well. For those over-pronators who need orthopedics, that’s a great point to buy a pair of them. Moreover, these shoes do help correct your over-pronation themselves.

How about the size and width? It felt wider than marked and a full size larger than marked. A size 13-14 in most other New Balance shoes should be a 12 1/2.

How about the cushioning? For those who have knee/hip problems that require quite a bit of heel-strike protection, the shock absorbing of 1225 is effective without being bouncy, thus you are likely to be surprised that these have done a good job of relieving injury to those areas – no more knee or back pain.

How about the stability? Good stability, if you wear these during gym workouts too, and rely on them to provide a secure platform for all sorts of crazy exercises and equipment. Have tried other stability shoes (Nike, Asics, Brooks) but none provide the degree of comfort and stability of the 1225.

Do the laces come untied by themselves? These are nice shoes, light and good laces that never come untied by themselves. The laces are a little high on the foot, which provides a more solid fit, but you must loosen them a bit more when you remove the shoe than is typical with running shoes. However, they could have a longer tongue and a tougher heel.

Shopping tips:

  • Model number: MR1225 (Men’s); WR1225 (Women’s).
  • Last: PL-1 Last.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Weight: 12.00 oz (Men’s); 10.00 oz (Women’s).
  • Size: A half size smaller.
  • Width: Felt wider than marked.
  • Lacing: Never come untied themselves.
  • For orthotics: To put them inside the shoe without any problems.
  • Noisy: It do squeak on occasion, but can be resolved.
  • Breathability: The breathability is great and won’t cause too much of an issue when in hot conditions.
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New Balance 1063 – The Evolution Of The Standard Running Shoe

The New Balance 1063 is causing a commotion with consumers whom require a quality running shoe. New Balance combines their standard high quality running shoe with smooth transition options, maximum support, and flexibility. Runners with varying skill levels are sprinting to local shoe store retailers to experience the evolution of the standard running shoe created by New Balance. Potential consumers are encouraged to consider this shoe option for various operations such as running, jogging, walking, or preventative health assistance.

Medical professionals often urge all patients to consider all preventative measures required to conserve the patient’s quality of life. During the standard motion of walking, the foot is exposed to many possible causes of joint damage. A great preventative step is to provide maximum foot support for the forefoot, midsole and heel. Each area of the foot is exposed to the possible damage caused by shock waves absorbed caused through standard motion. Many manufacturers have developed cushioning, special rubber compositions and shock absorption padding in shoes to absorb shock waves caused by initial impact.

Providing smooth transition through the utilization of a new rubber created specifically for the New Balance 1063, runners are able to flee the competition with ease and comfort. The innovative creators at New Balance have created a rubber compound to support maximum speed while evenly distributing the body weight of the runner to optimize the body’s muscles. The runner is able to beat the competition while building muscle strength at high speeds.

The New Balance 1063 shoe sets the standard for runners by providing maximum transition cushioning. The cushioning provided in this shoe provides additional support for runners requiring additional arch support. Long distance runners often opt to utilize the additional cushioning option to provide additional support and comfort from the first step to the last sprint.

There are a plethora of benefits offered by the New Balance 1063. Runners appreciate the additional support, joggers love the cushioning, walkers can’t get enough of the quality of the product and consumers seeking a shoe option to prevent joint damage appreciate the fluidity of motion. New Balance has remained a key player in shoe manufactures due to their customer loyalty based on the quality products placed on the market. This shoe simply shines as an example of the evolution of the brand and their love for the consumer.

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New Balance 1123 – Why Your Surgeon Recommends This Shoe

“What ugly and boxy it is!” I think it must be your first reaction to this New Balance 1123 when you see them out there. But, if you had a pair of NB 1122 (this model’s predecessor), you would not think so. New Balance 1123, MR1123 for men and WR1123 for women, is the latest model of the 1100s line which was built for runners who need maximum motion control and stability on a high mileage ride. One point to select this athletic shoe for is its good style and the other one is its available size in a wide width. The fit of this model is decent good and they are really comfortable.

A great walking and shopping shoe

Besides being a running shoe, I would like to recommend this great shoe as your walking and shopping shoe. This is the shoe you can wear comfortably no matter how bad things are. In additions, adding a little extra padding under the balls of your feet can help your feet more. However, I would recommend this shoe to anyone. If you had never had New Balance before, now you would be about to understand why they are so popular. Oh yes, the 1123 is a bit pricey, but, trust me, worth it!

Foot saver for your bunion

If someday your surgeon told you that the xrays showed that you had arthritis throughout you feet and that you would need bunion and toe surgery on both feet, you would have to throw away all of your shoes. Don’t worry about it, for one who has had bunion surgery and requires good support, the 1123 is an excellent shoe for your feet and results in that you order one after another when they wear out.

High ratings by diabetic websites

As a motion control running shoe, this shoe has even been rated as a high value compared to other shoes by diabetic websites on account of its generous toe box for accommodating orthopedic inserts perfectly, which is a MUST for diabetic sufferers who require a large size and comfortable shoe.

Shopping tips:

  • They are made in the USA.
  • If you tended to overpronate, this shoe would work for you.
  • They do provide arch support and a true fit!
  • Adding New Balance athletic soles or inserts, you can feel the best fit.
  • Plenty of toe room for inserting orthodics
  • A two week break-in period

By the way, the 1123 running shoe would be a very poor shoe for aerobics. Because of these are designed for the back to front running motion, they does not provide much support for side to side motion.

I only wish that New Balance would manufacture a few more styles or at least colors for variety and that there was a model that was not mesh because they can be chilly in the wintertime. Whatsoever, I am lovin’ it.

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New Balance Styles That Marry Performance and Fashion

People around the world love New Balance, the only shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the United States, for its technical innovations, such as a blend of gel inserts, wide selection of sizes and their vast array of styles. Here you will find the best New Balance styles that marry performance and fashion.

The Hottest in Casual New Balance Styles for Women

When most people think of New Balance shoes, they think of sneakers, however they also make other shoe styles for women like boots and clogs.

A perfect pair of shoes for work or a casual day at home, Women’s New Balance WW811VW style boasts a performance walking shoe with Rollbar for the walker who needs additional stability. New Balance’s premier pronation control device, it’s Rollbar consists of a lightweight flat or molded piece of graphite material positioned in the heel portion of the midsole. By stabilizing the foot as it rolls inward, it provides exceptional support for moderate and severe over-pronators.

Looking for the perfect perfect pair of boots that marry performance and fashion? The best choice, Women’s New Balance WO1000BB, comes in gray or blue and promises maximum comfort and versatility. The Women’s New Balance WO1000BB style will feel light and breathable and will keep your feet nice and dry. This shoe’s external heel counter comes bonded to the outer surface of both sides of the heel portion and extends around the heel. To marry performance and fashion, this shoe style features a C-cap midsole, offering lightweight compression to provide cushioning and flexibility. In addition, you’ll love it’s Vibram outsole, made by an Italian company based in Albizzate that is credited with inventing the first rubber soles for shoes. In fact, Vibram outsoles were first used on mountaineering boots!

Arguably the most stylish in casual footwear, New Balance’s Belize by Naot is an open heel, slip-on clog that will add the perfect kick to your favorite pair of jeans or a bit of style to your work outfit. Made of fine natural Italian leather that breathes and keeps the foot fresh, this shoes comes lined for comfort and breathability. The Naot footbed possesses a supportive anatomical structure that encourages a natural and correct posture and its insole adjusts to the foot like a footprint in the sand. In addition, this shoe’s sole is constructed of high-quality rubber, polyurethane and latex that retain flexibility and are highly resistant to erosion.

The Hottest in Casual New Balance Styles for Men

New Balance has also created new styles that marry performance and fashion for men. But as most men love their sneakers, we’ve listed here the top new styles for popular athletic shoes.

If you’re looking for a “no fuss” casual shoe, try New Balance’s Men’s New Balance MW811VK style. This performance walking shoe with Rollbar for stability is crafted with a single density polyurethane midsole and outsole. Buyers can find this New Balance shoe in both black and white colors.

The epitome of performance and fashion, New Balance’s top boots are its Men’s New Balance MO1201GT style. These lightweight hiking boots feature Gore-Tex, a waterproof/breathable fabric that offers advanced waterproof protection and durability with optimized climate comfort. This shoe’s gusseted tongue fully helps to keep debris out of the shoe and it’s Vibram outsole provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction.

For athletic shoe wear, New Balance has made hot new styles for cross-training, walking and running. But even more than offering updated styles and new fashions, these shoes still promise the best in comfort and performance.

The best in cross-training, New Balance’s Men’s MX856WN will provide you with a healthier gait and better workouts. Including Rollbar and C-cap midsoles, New Balance’s N-ergy will help with advanced shock absorption and cushioning to help you feel great on your feet. This style also has a premium leather upper for natural comfort, durability and breathability and a seamless Phantom Liner to reduce the weight of the shoe plus enhance comfort and fit.

New Balance’s Men’s MO1320GT style is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor adventures. Those who enjoy walking love this shoe for its lightweight comfort, cushioning and support and also for it’s fashionable look. This shoe boasts Rollbar and C-cap midsoles and Gore-tex, but also ABZORB, new and advanced cushioning in both heel and forefoot for exceptional shock absorption.

If you’re searching for a running shoe that marries performance and fashion, you’ll love the sleek, black, classic Men’s MR993BK style. Known for its superior comfort, this shoe has a polyurethane midsole offering durable cushioning and effective resistance to compression set. It’s pigskin and mesh upper provides your foot with a lightweight and supportive feel while it’s blown rubber outsole is extremely flexible, light and helps provide the best in cushioning.

New Balance shoes have become iconic and yet they constantly reinvent their shoe styles. New Balance shoes are made to feel lighter, come more cushioned for comfort and remain internationally known for their dependability. With this guide you’re sure to find the best New Balance styles that marry performance with fashion and leave you feeling wonderful.

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New Balance 883 – Walk For Miles Upon Miles

New Balance 883, the shoe rocks, is the direct replacement for the discontinued 882, but these are prettier and ventilated! I have been wearing the 880 series a couple years, before that I could never walk or run without some kinds of problem arising. Since I started wearing those I have had no trouble and can walk for miles upon miles. As an update, they added a higher padding back of the shoe to the 882s – 883s and replaced the lacing of the 882s with new SURE LACE, as well as they added more padding at the ball and toes of the shoe.

If this is the first time having gotten the 883, you would be thrilled with the lightweight (9 oz), cushioning, support, excellent arch support and especially for its very roomy toe box. If you have the worst time finding a comfortable pair of shoes which you can wear them all day long for years of problem feet, I highly recommend NB WR883 anytime.

Wide toe box and a half size larger than labeled The toe box of the shoe is very wide, and if you had tried on your usual size, you would have found they felt too big. If your usual size were 8, you would order them in a size 7 1/2 for a perfect fit.

Enough space for Orthotics? Yes, the 883 is awesome as advertised and easily accommodates your custom orthotic. They are so comfortable and fit your orthotics really well. IF your feet are killing you, to put these on could immediately make your feet feel so much better!

What is Sure Lace? The SURE LACE is one of great innovations, which is a computer-knit lace and bumpy so they never loosen up like the round laces can. Thus laces stay securely tied while running and walking. As a tip, you can find and like the different lacing options New Balance has online.

How about its cushioning? If you were a runner wearing Nike’s you would notice that after wearing my Nike’s, these didn’t feel as cushioned.

Shopping Tips:

  • Break in period: No breaking in period.
  • Model shoes made from: SL-2 Last (the Last for people with wide toes and narrow heels).
  • Weight: 9.00 oz (Women’s); 12.00 oz (Men’s)
  • Width: Felt true to width.
  • Size: A half size larger than labeled.
  • Made in the USA.

Do I need a custom insert? I recommend wearing a custom insert if you have very wide feet with a high arch and instep, you will find it fits nicely inside these shoes.

It makes your foot look smaller. They are not the best looking shoe, but they serve their purpose and this style does make your foot look smaller – a welcome compliment!

Are they noisy? The 883 is comfy, but it does squeak a little. Especially for that you wore these shoes on concrete floors and carpeted floors for 8 hours a day, five days a week. Other than the squeak, they were great shoes.

I have flat foot, can I wear it? If you have flipper feet, terribly flat feet, you have to have a lift put on one shoe against lots of shoes you have in your closet you can’t wear. These are wonderful! After having had the lift put on, you can break them in for a whole day tramping around Chicago without a pain!

You can buy these for your parents or friends who are having foot pain because the 883s are the best investment seeing they no longer have the pain and are back to walking even running.

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New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer Review – An Innovation From The Apparel Maker

New Balance, the company known for its high-quality apparels is now engaged in the manufacture of fitness equipment. New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review cites this equipment as one of the company’s most popular innovations. If you are one of those considering buying this exercise machine, it is best to know the pros and cons, the strengths and weaknesses of this workout machine.

New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review cites that one of its strengths is the combination of 18-inch and 20-inch adjustable stride length. This feature will benefit most users. Taller people are comfortable with the 20-inch stride length while those that prefer faster strides may use the 18-inch stride length.

New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review says that the maximum allowed user weight allowed of 300 lbs is acceptable even for heavier users. Most brands offer the same or lower maximum user weight at higher price. This is an indicator of the stability of this equipment.

New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review looks at the foot pedals and finds them wide enough to make room for the most comfortable position of your feet. The foot platform, oversize as it is, provides a balanced support for your body and adds to the stability of the machine.

One of its weaknesses, according to New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review, is the warranty offered by the manufacturer which is ten years for frame, two years for electronics, and one year for parts. A wiser buyer would look for longer warranty especially for brands that have not yet proven their reputation in making high-quality and durable equipment. Add to this is the fact that the warranty does not cover labor and shipping costs. Therefore, buying this machine involves some risk. Unless you want your exercise machine to arrive at your doorstep already due for repair, you may want to look for other brands that offer a more decent warranty.

As a summary, most buyers are skeptical about buying this new equipment. New Balance 8000 Elliptical Trainer review says that this is probable because the brand is not an established name in terms of the manufacture of fitness equipment. Although it already has an established reputation in the apparels business, the same cannot be said for its workout machines, especially now that more known brands offer more competitive equipment features at slightly higher prices but at guaranteed quality and durability.

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New Balance Running Shoes Technology Highlights

Though some manufacturers are overtly pointing out their latest technological marvels in their running shoes ad campaigns, New Balance is somewhat more laid back. But these proudly “Made in U.S.A” running shoes offer some very advanced technology that compares to other brands.


The N-ergy technology is a very advanced cushioning and shock absorption material on the New Balance 2009 line up. It is composed of materials that do not have empty air spaces inside. This prevents it from rapidly deteriorating compared to equivalent cushioning compounds in other brands of running shoes. Located primarily on the heel of the shoe this material allows the shoes to be extremely responsive. New Balance claims that runners get a very smooth transition from the point of impact to lift.

NB Zip

NB Zip is responsive cushioning technology that is found on the rear half of the outer sole. It is composed of a complex plastic strut system that performs different functions depending on the stage of the foot fall. The NB Zip is divided into zones that give impact protection and pronation support from heel strike to toe off.

Abzorb DTS

The Abzord Dynamic Transition System is composed of three different material layers on the New Balance running shoe sole. The outer Abzorb Foam, mid-layer Abzorb SPS and the New Balance engineered mid-sole foam makes up this tri-layer transition system. This allows a New Balance shoe to provide optimal cushioning and smooth transition during heel strike. The shoes go from a soft landing towards a firmer release during the strike. Reviews on New Balance running shoes are positive on effect of this very smooth heel impact.


Much like the tri-layer Abzord DTS, the N-Fuse comes in layers as well. Although it is only composed of two layers the N-Fuse covers up the entire foot. New Balance calls the mid-soles dual density, with the inner foam providing soft cushioning while the layer underneath it providing structure and support. The result to the runner is a comfortable cushioned ride while providing the support needed to combat overpronation.


A surprising development in running shoe technology the New Balance Rollbar features a composite strut inside the heel assembly of the sole. This Rollbar travels from the lateral to medial side. In the full configuration this reaches from wall to wall. The Rollbar which is positioned at an angle from the lower lateral side to the upper inner side of the heel. It is unique in a way that a single component can both offer protection on both overpronation and underpronation.

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